Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face
Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face

JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face, Fuzz pedal from Dunlop in the Jimi Hendrix series.

AceLeppard 11/04/2012

Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face : AceLeppard's user review

«  Difficult to tame, but made excellent, coupled with a unique atmosphere! »

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Analog Fuzz pedal.
BC108 silicon transistors.
A knob adjusts the volume, a second rate fuzz.

An entry in a release out. Note that they are reversed compared to the conventional order.
No report led to the commissioning of the effect, use your ears!

No socket to power the pedal, unscrew the base and fed by 9 volt battery.

Pedal takes up space on a pedalboard, but look like the face of the Fuzz Face is legendary, and beautiful.
The pedal seems well built and solid.


The general configuration is bone simple: there are only two knobs!

Attention, sound editing did against by anything but simple. Unlike a Big Muff will have a strong personality whatever guitar and amp used a Fuzz Face that is tamed, and it does not solve anyhow.
Jeorge Tripps, Way Huge founder and expert es-Fuzz, do not hesitate also to suggest that in some cases, a Fuzz Face can sound really bad.

In most cases, those who argue that their face fuzz sounds so cold and aggressive nor indeed do not know how to resolve it, or how to control it.

The Fuzz Face gives the best results when it is superimposed on an already saturated amp. Attention, the higher the gain of the amplifier is low, the effect will be more significant.

Find its sound is not within the reach of everyone with this pedal, you need to be aware of.


Once we have understood how to use this Fuzz Face Jimi Hendrix signature gives excellent results, and shows a very marked character.
As well as the guitar and the amp, it is an instrument in itself.

Even if the sound is good with humbuckers, I prefer it with single coil pickups. The air Bonamassa most appropriate example that uses humbuckers.

The pedal gives me the best results by starting with a good crunch dynamic type AC / DC, Deep Purple ... Hendrix precisely (which is clear when you attack the strings more slowly).
There is then a cataclysm stuffed bass sound quite impressive and very dirty, but still incredibly musical and enjoyable to play.
It is the perfect complement to an overdrive, more subtle, like Tube Screamer.

For those seeking to sound "Hendrix" is an excellent choice after that is excellent for all types of rock and blues.
Another excellent point: the pedal as soon as we cleared considerably lower just the volume of the guitar is very subtle, and it is a treat.


I use it for a month now, and I'm crazy.
I really was not party to buy a Fuzz, let alone something as bulky as a noisy and too impractical. But that's what makes it so charming. I was captured on the first try.

Those who complain that they can not be fed by sector or to take up as much space on a pedalboard did not understand, and I would advise them to turn to the countless versions of fuzz that flood the market.

Buying a fuzz face because we love this very strong personality.
She pushes my game further and force me to give the best to tame. Musicality that emerges is fantastic.
I would like to compare with other models (germanium, bonamassa, johnson ...), and I start to dream of an original 60's ...

I like his qualities, I love his faults.
I regret it just a little crush a little high volume, but nothing insurmountable, and I think keep including if she ever leaves my pedalboard scene.

The price / quality ratio is very good.
I would do this choice.