EarthQuaker Devices Tone Reaper Fuzz
EarthQuaker Devices Tone Reaper Fuzz

Tone Reaper Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from EarthQuaker Devices.

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Ronmo 10/04/2010

EarthQuaker Devices Tone Reaper Fuzz : Ronmo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
analoqique hybrid fuzz tone based on a bender, it's a fuzz transistors silicon / germanium


Trs simple 3-button with a progressive race well, no need for doc '.


The sound is excellent, really DIFFERENT a fuzz face or big muff, it's vintage, in a field fuzz / distortion very articulate with a good held in the bass, you can have a very good sound fuzzy or sharp, so a good wall of his property pais (without the reserve of winning a big muff us anyway).
A very nice palette of fuzz tones.
The Tone knob is great for "tune" the pedal according to the amps or guitars utiliss


pedal really good, different from the big muff or fuzz face very good quality price ratio, especially for a pedal "boutique" tone bender