Mojo France Bass Fuzz
Mojo France Bass Fuzz

Bass Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Mojo France.

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spiderjerusalem 04/16/2010

Mojo France Bass Fuzz : spiderjerusalem's user review


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Pedal fuzz / distortion call "bass fuzz but not spcification ddi bass. It's a pedal format box, classic, with a button to lock, 5 knobs of rglages (Volume, Tone, Gate, Fuzz, In) and a 3-position selector.
It is analog, and there's an input In, Out output (otherwise t would have fun) and a tip to plug, no batteries. As usual with Mojo, the screen processing is done by hand, looks like a shot tipex on a purple box with sequins, wonderful object sum. There's also a green version that my guitarist uses like this, anything is possible.


No manual is very simple to use, and you turn it costing.


So it's a distortion. And she is beautiful. With DIFFERENT rglages, it is possible to cover a fairly wide range casually.
The small selector has 3 positions. The rst is "classic", it changes the sound in the thickening properly. The second is like a low pass, bass disappears. The swells LATEST svrement the bottom of the spectrum, it becomes a monstrous bte standards for low slobbering. With DIFFERENT rglages of spotards, you can go lightly distorted sound, as inflated by the sound of an amp or so which has a total saturation dtruit sound, leaving only pass a rasping noise. Coupled to the selector, it is possible to go to sound very cold, inustrielles with a rsonnances on the snare or the higher notes quite aggressive, or extremely hot sound, weighing , bold. The knob Tone allows rvler certain part of the sound. When everything is in serious slctionn, the pedals and offers his heavy snoring. short, it is a very broad and absolute happiness. It sounds very natural and does not blow.
I used several configurations:
On-bass: it distorts the sound as it takes is impeccable.
-Guitar: The is wonderful. If you like the "heavy rock" in the broadest sense, this pedal is for you. She excels in dirty noise rock records (Amphetamine Reptile school!) Or in very heavy stoner doom (Bongzilla, Kyuss). My guitarist does print the test and it is a command. The sound is really full, aggressive, colossal. Quite delicately argler with big amps (we play on the SunnO))) then ....) but its really a superb free.
Keyboard-type electronic piano, etc. ...: Jolie distortion.
-Synths: I took it to a. She added the trunk! Passeze any synth in there and it becomes a formidable machine. It saturates, is whistling filters, and can rvler the different aspects of each wave. vrtiable is a happiness, and in this registry we see how she can brew a wide spectrum of sound.
-Rythmiques/BaR/Sampler: There too, she excels! The rglages have to do more finely on battery tutorials. On the Elements spars it is possible to go farther, all you have to go more slowly, otherwise the signal dtruit fairly quickly. Nevertheless have, it is very very good job in this register, it offers a warm and powerful saturation with kits. It sounds as fast at Techno Animal, 2nd Gen, or the first Mr Oizo. In short, excellent!


I use it for a few months and I am a fan. This is one of the most precious tools of my HS today. It has a grain, it sounds heavy seriousness, imposing, but she adapts. Basically, I wanted to try a distortion pedal Metasonix type lamps. My bassist knowing Mr. Mojo, he has seen for myself We possdions dja a series of pedals Mojo, a cobra, a japan etc ... so we knew that the quality and although the possibility taient l. He was so finalizing this pedal it just prvoyait for keyboards, stating that he had made dja lamps before, but he was more happy of the result of its p classic analog pedals. At the trial, we all won t: I took for my keyboards and my guitar player went after a second.
For several years there has tried several pedals, and keyboards I had the opportunity to try a metal box chpluki a Boss, a Pramper Beringher (not rotten to the passage) Mojo others, and even the Big Muff on keyboards, which I found too imprcise too slobbery. Besides other systm (multi purpose, kaos pad etc. ...).
Anyway, in view of all that I tried the Mojo Bass Fuzz is really what suits me most. It sounds fat! It is versatile, precise, relement of vast possibilities and not blowing or very little when everything is in the red. Compar everything I could try, it's a slap russite.Si ral tomorrow, I resumed a direct, no matter the price! It has its own grain and charm. I just wish the screen processed at Mojo but that's secondary.