Roger Mayer Page-1
Roger Mayer Page-1

Page-1, Fuzz pedal from Roger Mayer.

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Ronmo 06/27/2014

Roger Mayer Page-1 : Ronmo's user review

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Analog fuzz, a reprint of a fuzz built by Roger Mayer for jimmy page, based on a Maestro FZ-1, it was a pedal that Page used before the period Led Zeppelin.
Warning, this is not a clone Tonebender MKII there much less gain


Very clear, 3 buttons (output / drive / fatness), and a bias within the pedal


Claps! Very vintage vibe, this is a low gain fuzz, think rather to sounds such satisfaction Stones
Depending on the settings of bias, we can have a fuzz limit spoiled
The adjustment of fatness adapts the pedal with the guitar or amp used


Superb pedal for those who love fuzz with lots of character.