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Ableton Live 8 & Suite 8 Update

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Ableton Live 8 Suite
News Ableton Live 8 Suite

General Sequencer from Ableton belonging to the Live 8 series

Ableton has updated Live 8 and Suite 8 to v8.0.2.

  • Updated manuals.
  • Updated help pages.
  • Dragging a file from the OS into Live’s file browser copies the file by default instead of moving it. When pressing the copy modifier the file will be moved.
  • Improvements for offline authorization.
  • Resizing tracks with ALT now only resizes tracks within the same level of the group track hierarchy.
  • Unfold all (ALT-click the arrow) now works only in the same level of hierarchy – “resize all” and “unfold all” works now either on “player and group tracks”, or on “return and master tracks”.
  • In Session View, group tracks provide a “track launch” button in map mode.
  • The fold/unfold triangle of a group track is painted blue when a track inside is soloed.
  • In the file browser, the “create folder” command is available in the “parent folder” context menu.
  • Added an option for the Options.txt file to support Wacom Tablets. Adding the line “-AbsoluteMouseMode” into Options.txt file switches Live into absolute mouse position mode.

  • Prelistening of encoded audio files could lead to hard disk overloads.
  • Under certain conditions, replacing files via the File Manager would not work.
  • Repairing the Library would not update/repair meta data of Groove files.
  • On Mac OS X, having the Library on an external drive and attach/detaching it while Live is running would not work properly.
  • Loading a third party plug-in which has fewer parameters than a previous version could crash Live.
  • Drag & drop of a preset within the Live’s browser would not keep the destination folder open.
  • In a particular Live set, a certain audio clip would not play properly because of misaligned transients.
  • Some parameters for Faderfox controllers would not be correctly named.
  • Macro names would not always be automatically updated in nested Racks.
  • Saving a preset would fail if the corresponding preset folder does not exist.
  • The “Collect and Save” button of the file manager would not be named properly in some cases.
  • Under certain conditions, the file icon for an audio file would not be updated after an .asd file is created.
  • Under certain conditions, Arranger crossfades would produces clicks in the audio.
  • Looping an audio file in 'Tones’ warp mode could have audio artifacts while fading.
  • Horizontal lines in pitch-like envelope editors would disappear with Zoom > 100%.
  • As soon as a progress bar for a Live pack installation was shown for the first time, there were no 'marching ants’ anymore when loading a document, for the rest of the Live run.
  • Under certain conditions, the loop brace vertical lines in the Arranger would not cover the whole height of the Arranger.
  • If no Library is selected, the Repair button would be enabled and clicking it would crash Live.
  • The “Show Preferences” command would check if default packages need to be installed.
  • Copying, deleting and then pasting a file in the file browser would freeze Live.
  • Pasting files into Live’s browser could make the mouse cursor jump.
  • Under certain conditions, clip fades and device automation would be visible at the same time.
  • In the Arpeggiator, receiving a note-off for the current step could skip a note.
  • Slicing presets would be shown even if they can’t be used because the required additional products are not unlocked.
  • The 'Configure’ mode would not work for certain VST plug-ins.
  • Copying an Instrument over an existing instrument from one track to another would not work.
  • The latency when playing instruments via external input might be too high in some cases.
  • Recording MIDI controller events into a MIDI clip could crash Live when the clip would be deleted during the recording.
  • On Windows and depending on the computer hardware setup, unlocking Live would not be persistent and had to be done on each new Live start.
  • Playing back certain REX loops would not work properly for each the second iteration.
  • Playing back a sample in 'Tones’ warp mode would not work properly during the waveform analyzing.
  • Looper pedal would be macro mappable by mistake.
  • The overview for a group track would not be updated when undoing a recording.
  • In the clip detail view, changing clip loop start time via edit boxes would not work properly when loop start time is negative.
  • Under certain conditions, authorize Live on Mac OS X could freeze Live.
  • For particular parameters, the automation view would not properly updated.
  • Using any XY control would let the mouse pointer jump on mouse-up and could even crash Live.
  • On Mac OS X, the Configure mode for Audio Units would not work.
  • Adding the audio file of a frozen track into the arrangement would result in an extremely long clip.
  • Trigger any clip in Complex or Complex Pro warp mode via MIDI Key range mapping would not pitch the clip.
  • Under certain conditions, opening a set would not be possible as long as the file manger is open.
  • Under certain conditions, when loading a new Live set it would not be possible to delete the temp directory of the current project. For example after unfreezing a track.
  • MIDI Mapping a parameter with identical min and max value would crash Live.
  • Loading a particular Live set would fail with an “Invalid Product ID” message box.
  • Browsing within the Japanese help pages could freeze Live.
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