Ableton Updates Live 8 To v8.0.4

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Ableton has updated Live 8 and Suite 8 to v8.0.4.


* Updated manual.
* Improved handling of the library database.
* Better GUI performance when recording many automation parameters.
* The APC40 script remembers the last set bank for each device and restores that setting when the corresponding device is selecting again.
* On Mac OS X, if the custom dialog of a plug-in would not process incoming keys Live will handle them. Depending on the plug-in, this should provide a similar work flow as in Live 7.
* Several improvements for the Share functionality.
* On Windows, support for up to 256 audio channels when using ASIO.

Bug fixes:

* Unquantized scrubbing would not work properly in MIDI clips.
* On Mac OS X, the DUY Tape AU plug-in would crash on instantiation.
* When the Looper is set to a fixed length recording and the song is running, the recording length of the Looper might be miscalculated.
* Under certain conditions, moving a MIDI clip in arrangement could crash Live.
* Protocol recording of audio clips in ReWire slave mode would lead to silent arranger clips.
* Dragging a multi selection of audio files into Live would not work properly, when the multi selection would contain .asd files too.
* The 'Select All' context menu command would be available by accident for an entry in the device browser.
* On Windows, moving Library could transform .AbletonPresetInfo files into _AbletonPresetInfo files.
* Quantized scrubbing would not work properly in the Arranger.
* Setting a tempo via scene launch would not work properly if there's a loop in the Arranger.
* Exporting or consolidating audio would create a fade in in the resulting audio file.
* After Grouping, ungrouping or re-grouping of tracks, the APC40 would not work properly anymore.
* Doing undo via keyboard shortcut while a modal dialog is opened could crash Live.
* With the APC40, stopping clips via the clip-stop buttons would not work properly.
* Switching device banks would not work properly when using the 'microKontrol' as Control Surface.
* On Mac OS X, having a plug-in opening a modal dialog and switching then to another application would crash Live.
* MIDI loop recording in Arranger would not work properly after the first loop iteration.
* Using follow actions on clips in Legato mode could crash Live.
* On Windows, editing the info text for an arrangement locator would not work properly.
* On Mac OS X, slow mouse wheel changes would not work properly.
* On Mac OS X, drag 'n' drop operation with certain key modifiers could lead to an 'unstoppable' drag 'n' drop operation.
* Restoring from the undo history after a crash could lead to another crash.
* In several surface controller scripts, the arm buttons would not select tracks anymore.
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