Acoustica Mixcraft 5
Acoustica Mixcraft 5

Mixcraft 5, General Sequencer from Acoustica.

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eckko034 01/13/2012

Acoustica Mixcraft 5 : eckko034's user review

«  Excellent sequencer »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Very easy installation
No problem of incompatibility
The general configuration is very ergonomic

There is a free trial version on the site of Acoustica Instruments
The manual is in English, but the software is very intuitive


My PC is a Quad Core I7 2600 K + 16GB RAM + GTX 570 NVIDIA with dual 24-inch screen.
Sound card Line 6 UX 2 + KRK PR6
The software configuration is rather stable ... Beware of some heavy style VST Spectrasonics Omnisphere is that we must allow time to load before handling its funds.


I use it for 3-4 years.
I tried previously acid pro / cubase / protools often complex to use (Except acid pro rather Inuit)
The visual interface is very user friendly, very comfortable.
The manipulation of the software is very fast and intuitive.
The value for money is excellent.
The updates are frequent

The technical staff is constantly on the lookout for it to improve user feedback software live (I'm beta testing of version 6)
With experience I'll keep this software even if I use another sequencer "says" professional.
Mixcraft is far from being ridiculous in terms of audio processing.
It handles very well and VST / VSTi, wav acquisition as professionally as the 'professional' sequencers.
The Midi map is by far the most powerful that I used, it indicates the notes read, notes or "dead", but tells you in real time the note played (Version 6)

Release 6 integrates the few gaps