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Adobe Audition Updated to v3.0.1

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Adobe Audition 3
News Adobe Audition 3

Adobe has updated Audition to v3.0.1.

  • Spectral tools no longer crash machines with more than four CPU cores.
  • The Graphic Phase Shifter effect has been re-enabled.
  • Performance while recording MIDI data has been improved.
  • The Sequencer will now record MIDI data even if the panel is closed.
  • Adobe Audition will now launch on Windows Vista systems where the My Documents folder was moved from the default location.
  • The application will now ignore Windows “Locale” settings to format decimal data in comma-delimited XML settings files.
  • A Healing Brush crash issue has been addressed.
  • Crossfades are no longer incorrectly added to grouped clips when overlapped with non-grouped clips.
  • Invalid crossfades will no longer be added to the end of a previously trimmed clip after enabling or disabling looping.
  • Invalid crossfades for clips after enabling non-session tempo-based looping have been addressed.
  • Dragging crossfaded clips onto the master track no longer creates two additional tracks and an error in the crossfades.
  • Inserting MIDI from the Files panel would cause the application to hang in Edit mode for an audio file whose sample rate didn’t match the session.
  • Several scenarios where crossfade changes could corrupt a session were addressed.
  • Closing a session without exiting the rewire app no longer causes Adobe Audition to save a blank session.
  • Undo no longer becomes disabled after undoing the creation of unique copies of two crossfaded clips.
  • Crossfaded clips no longer disappear after undoing move clips.
  • Canceling VST scan no longer causes Adobe Audition to become unstable.
  • If a selection existed, a full session mixdown would only process MIDI data through the end of the selection.
  • The Open MIDI dialog box was not completely modal and could cause a crash.
  • MIDI Host had problems with some Spectrasonics VSTi instruments, where it wouldn’t show the entire UI.
  • CD burning would sometimes create a corrupted disk but still report a successful burn.
  • Applying the Clip/Pop Eliminator no longer crashes the application.
  • Crash recovery is now more reliable when using Auto-Save For Recovery.
  • When the application detects the possible saving failure that causes a corrupted session, a warning dialog box now appears so users can retry the save.
  • Transport controls are no longer disabled if a new session is opened without closing the existing session.
  • Crossfades will now retain their original shape when clips are moved and the session is reopened.

For more detail, check out Adobe’s website at: www.adobe.com.
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