Apple Logic Express 7
Apple Logic Express 7

Logic Express 7, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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jeromedu93 11/16/2005

Apple Logic Express 7 : jeromedu93's user review


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Person gives his opinion? Ok, I start ...

I bought my mac with Logic Express, already installed for installation DSOL '...

On hand, it is clear prcis, it will rev out well.


Minimac 1.42 Ghz 1GB Ram

I read about the bugs Pro 7, personally he may be a bug once, but I do not remember if it is ...
compltement is stable.


I use it for 4.5 months and my faith, it does exactly what I expected from him, and even more.
Well, it is true that the only comparison I have is in terms of squenceur DP version 2.7 on OS9!
But the forcing I have much more than what I asked.

Virtual instruments are delivered with:

EFM1-Synth down on the modulation frequency drives
ES-M1, ddi at low
ES-P, reproduces the sounds of orchestras analog version synthbr /> ES-E, the ground ddi
-ES1, analog synth
-EXSP24, the sampler

As trs samples and few synths (apart from for low), I will not comment on virtual instruments
because I use little or no speech someone else so ...

As a general rule, use is instinctive, so I got impeccable ergonomics, quick and easy when you read
the basis of the manual at least!

Plugs on the effects I mean, I would 8 / 10: good EQ (paramtriques and others), good delays, limiting my good taste.
I like a little less but the guitar amp and distortion "Bitcrusher" rhausse level, also a little less for rverbs
which are (forcment!) mtalliques too ... no convolution here ...

Good standard but the advantage is the sound quality! compltement rang, I was using before my 01V and my sound card as well say that now j'vite any conversion, and does everything in house (Bounce).
In this connection I advise all new buyers to check the 1st ds use "24-bit recordings," he Vitera all over again like me your recordings in 16-bit ...

I am happy with Logic Express compltement and put a 10/10 because it is symbolic compltement ddi Macintosh is so stable, simple and effective, so no apparent reason to get off the product.