Apple Logic Pro 7
Apple Logic Pro 7

Logic Pro 7, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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webstersays 08/18/2008

Apple Logic Pro 7 : webstersays's user review


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I don't own Logic, but I have used it and recorded at a studio that used it. My friend also has installed it on his Mac, and reported that the installation was very easy. You would assume there aren't any compatibility issues and that installation would be smooth, since Logic is made by Apple. The manual is huge, and there were never any questions that couldn't be answered by it as far as I know. The configuration to your system can get a little tricky if you have pro tools hardware. Otherwise it's not so bad.


It was running on a power mac, and also on a minimac when I have seen Logic in use. It definitely works properly most of the time and there weren't configuration issues. You have to do a little bit of finagling when you're running it with pro tools hardware, but once you figure it out it's fine. On a computer that was 3ghz and had 2GB of ram, it ran very well. As for stability, that left something to be desired. I found that this program crashed more often than any other recording program I have encountered. This is strange since Apple is supposed to have a reputation for stale software.


I have been familiar with Logic for years. I like all of the software that they include in the package. You get a lot of free synthesizers. Also, the MIDI editing capability in Logic is unmatched. It's really intuitive and easy to arrange with MIDI here, this is where Logic shines. The audio part of Logic is not as good. A lot of the features related to audio recording are not intuitive, and I had to look to the manual. It seems to take longer to do simple audio editing tasks than it would with cubase or protools. Also, the Environment screen which is used for routing is totally confusing and unnecessary. A lot of other programs manage just fine without that kind of confusing screen to deal with. It was recently just lowered in price, which definitely adds to the value. Overall I think Logic is good for more electronic types of music where there isn't as much audio, and there is more MIDI. I would not personally buy it for my home studio, but it does have its uses for other people.