Apple Logic Pro X
Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

Public price: $199 VAT
Ehma2Retour 07/22/2013

Apple Logic Pro X : Ehma2Retour's user review

«  A big step forward. »

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Yes why there is no problem, but it still takes time. At least one hour before using it.

We download the application from the Apple Store and on the application downloads the basic content.


I3 with a 12 GB of RAM software is very fluid and also relatively stable (only one crash in 5 days).

The interface is very similar to Garageband, but can be customized to look more like the versions 8 and 9.

A little regret, however, is the absence of AU / AUI bridge, being soft 64bit, it does not allow the use of 32-bit plugins.


Good in a week, was not around, but we can already see where a successful product. All that was missing in Logic is finally here. The "insert" midi (I'm not talking about audio effects "insert") and Timeflex. Therefore, I see no reason to stay on Cubase, which update worth the price of Logic at full price.

The interface is an example for the competition, it does not baffle beginners and regulars Garageband.

Too bad he did not allow the use of 32 bit plugins. But Apple is also known for the past tidal table.

The tools provided are good enough, and the effects, though I think the origin of EXS24 samples could be better. But next to it was some vintage keyboard and especially sculpture.

For the price of Cubase Element was an advanced application that rivals the big version of Cubase. Therefore, the value for money crushes the competition (except Reaper some say).

I'll come back here no doubt, if over time my opinion on this change.