Apple Logic Pro X
Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

public price: $199 VAT
Makos 07/27/2013

Apple Logic Pro X : Makos's user review

«  Logic X ... Slap! »

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Only on Mac OSX
The installation is carried out smoothly. The previous notice summarizes things well.


On MacMini COREI7 is simply velvet! Only "obstacle" no ability to load 32 bit plugs.
The interface is simply excellent. The level of usability is above the rest. Instruments and plugs available (noon, pedals and amps guitars, varied and diverse effects) are very good.
I opened GarageBand and Logic 9 projects carefree, so compatibility on top.
Perfection is not of this world I note 9


What about ... For 180 euros you have the right to an excellent Studio One in its basic version, a very watered Cubase (which is still the road) ... that's all.
There, Apple offers a software high-level, professional, not afraid of the word. The latter has years of experience in the "Logic" team. It comes in its new form with a level of performance and high-end ergonomic ... the same price.
Clearly, Apple makes the eye professionals and amateurs in the music world.
Buy a Mac and you'll have a few extra euros for a real station audio / midi. One of the best! Mac, Apple literally deposited competition. It deserves 10