Apple Logic Pro X
Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

Public price: $199 VAT
Charles Bunk 08/07/2013

Apple Logic Pro X : Charles Bunk's user review

«  Rather very satisfied »

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Installation still a little long, but still less than the DVD LP8.

No incompatibilities.

What a great idea this "Quick Help"! I admit that even though I'm used to LP I continue to use it from time to time for new features, but also to make some revisions.
I think I would have been happy to start with this function LP8 ;)!


The software works perfectly on my Mac Mini I7 2.3 GHz 16GB Ram. I have an external sound card StudioKonnekt 48 D at TC Electronic. I set the buffer size to 64: D = 7.8 ms latency. When I open my projects, all processors run (so good distribution on the hearts) and I REALLY margin ...
Everything is very stable. No crash so far.


I use it for a few days and I just LP8. I was reluctant to go on live (I've never been able to understand) and then that Logic Pro X came out of nowhere ... I waited a few people pay the piper but frankly I think that there has not been a lot of problems with this version and the first SHIFT was developed quickly so good reactivity of Apple.

What I like most is that everything that I missed is present in this version. Everyone knows the new features but for my part I remember most:
- MIDI effects: good bah say that huh except that it is the BOMB. The arpeggio is a treat, the chord trigger I even speak ... The rest I'm still testing. It awakens a little creativity and train train in which I had a little bogged down with LP8!
- Smarts control: no comment! I always galley with LP8 ... But I can not be gifted. But now there is this simple, effective. What more ...
- Flex Pitch: really happy to have a small version of Melodyne in this software. No desire to slam the tunes in a VST like this ... But such since I have I enjoy popping accapela with sometimes surprising results. Not tested on brass but I'm not that.
- The retro synth: nice, but not too teased.

The other feature (Drummer) are a plus but are not what made me pass on LPX ...

I especially like the cosmetic efforts that have been made to the modules Vintage Electric Piano and Vintage B3 Organ. It is very readable, again totally in synergy with smarts control.
I'm also quite a fan of the new finally sober look. The colors stand out better on the mixer is also successful. Icing on the cake: a small North Lead icon for my external midi track 2X hihi!

You get used very quickly to this new version. Everything becomes more fluid, I think. I redid a ride on LP8 just now and it's scary ... very dated.

Of course I do not have the problem of the bridge because I only use the modules Logic (apart but Fxpansion Geist is day ;)).

Anyway. I got what I expected for 179 euros. Knowing that 6 years before I had paid 380 euros LP8 super promo.
Of course I had to change mac ... But anyway it was expected.

That's it. I am conquered and I do not regret that choice.