Ardour Ardour
Ardour Ardour

Ardour, General Sequencer from Ardour.

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ScahR 09/23/2012

Ardour Ardour : ScahR's user review


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It comes by default with my distribution (Tango Studio 1.2) and it works perfectly right away with Jackd.

The interface is relatively simple and clear, the learning curve isn't as steep as with other software like Cubase.


Hardware setup: Core i5 2500k 4 cores / 8GB RAM / 1 SSD + 1 Raptor / M-Audio Delta 66.

Software:: Jackd, Envy24Control and Ardour, obviously, for multi-track recording

In terms of performance, I have no complains with my setup, no lags, no latency (~ 5ms), it's responsive and I've never had a single crash (unlike with Cubase that I started out with and don't plan to go back to).


I've been using it for about six months. I tested Cubase before but was really disappointed (it's slow, crashes frequently...its price isn't justified!).

In my opinion, Ardour is much better in terms of performance and stability. And it's awesome regarding functionality.

I have produced two of my band's tracks with Ardour, as well as another one by another band, and I'm truly satisfied with it. It's hard to find anything better! It has nothing to envy Cubase or its equivalents for Mac. And, as of today, I haven't explored more than 50% of the possibilities that the software offers.

Pros: The speed of the software, perfect compatibility with Jackd, which is great to route the audio inputs into Ardour tracks. The software's perfect stability, its compatibility with plenty LADSPA plug-ins, and the number of functions it has worthy of a truly pro software.

To be honest, I don't see any cons for the time being.