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Avid Pro Tools HD 10.1.1

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Avid Pro Tools HD 10
News Avid Pro Tools HD 10

General Sequencer from Avid belonging to the Pro Tools series

Avid has updated Pro Tools HD for Mac OS X to version 10.1.1.

Issues Resolved in Pro Tools 10.1.1 – according to Avid:

  • Issues where audio output was lost under certain conditions have been resolved.
  • On Pro Tools HD systems with HDX hardware acceleration, QuickPunch recordings no longer have a small amount of distortion at the punch in point.
  • Automation is now correctly adjusted by Delay Compensation under certain conditions. Delay Compensation now correctly adjusts automation data under conditions where it was subject to over- or under-compensation, such as when reading plug-in parameter automation, writing automation in Latch mode, modifying automation in Trim mode, bouncing audio to an internal bus, or re-recording output of a cascaded send.
  • Sample-level waveform editing with the Pencil tool is now correctly scaled by Clip Gain.
  • Snap to Grid with Slip mode now functions correctly. When editing in Slip mode with Snap to Grid enabled, editing behavior is now correct: selections are constrained to the grid but edits are not.
  • Pressing an Edit Mode keyboard shortcut (F1-F4) simultaneously with a Tool shortcut (F5-F10) no longer incorrectly engages the Smart Tool. The Smart Tool is only engaged when pressing combinations of the F6-F8 shortcuts.
  • The Edit mode switches on D-Control, D-Command, and C|24 now behave correctly.
  • On TDM systems, using the Surround Mixer in certain cases at high sample rates no longer causes a –7100 error.
  • General improvements with Satellite and LTC chase when Disk Cache is in use.
  • When trimming a clip from the right, automation breakpoints at the right-hand boundary of a clip are now correctly preserved.
  • Volume automation written using the on-screen fader or a EUCON-compatible control surface now ramps smoothly between automation breakpoints. Using these methods to write automation previously would result in a large number of “stairsteps” in the written automation.
  • Using large disk caches (16 GB or more) no longer causes –9516 errors.
  • AAX DSP plug-ins that are inactive on an Aux track are no longer incorrectly converted to Native mode.
  • The AAX version of Reverb One now produces a decay time that is correct at high sample rates. Previously, it was producing half the indicated decay time.
  • Mod Delay III Sync to Tempo now correctly syncs to the current session tempo.
  • Opening some AAX plug-ins (such as Mod Delay III) no longer causes them to start writing unwanted automation.
  • – 9073 errors after performing long record passes and then immediately playing or recording again have been eliminated. In lower versions of Pro Tools, this problem can be avoided by making sure Pause During Playback is enabled from the Task Manager window.
  • Volume automation now imports correctly from Media Composer 5 and 6.
  • Read-only volumes can now be used as external search locations.
  • DigiTest no longer quits unexpectedly or incorrectly reports test failures when running on a Pro Tools HD system with HDX cards.
  • The shortcut to Structure patches no longer gets corrupted when running a Pro Tools updater after installing the Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack.


Note: Some issues resolved in Pro Tools 10.0.1 (for all Pro Tools systems), were not resolved in Pro Tools 10.1 (for HDX systems), but have been resolved in Pro Tools 10.1.1 (for all Pro Tools systems).


See Avid kb435551 for more info.

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