Bitwig Bitwig Studio
Bitwig Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio, General Sequencer from Bitwig.

Lougarou 05/24/2014

Bitwig Bitwig Studio : Lougarou's user review

«  Bitwig not finished! »

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Installing RAS.
Configuration facilitated wizardisée therefore RAS.

No incompatibility to my knowledge.

Clear and concise manual.


I7 3630QM ASUS Labtop 6 GB RAM HDD 1-3 TB
Bitwig works well 50aines Audio & VSTi and VST tracks. In short it rolls!


Tried the demo versions before.

Reaper 4.62 now Studio One V2.6.2, Samplitude ProX 12, Ableton V9.1.1.

The +:
- The design.
- Browser.
- MIDI editor like finally Reaper!
- The selector pop views
The -:
- No originality!
- Routing "depleted", especially compared to Ableton, its direct competitor in my opinion!

My biggest criticism is that I expect a DAW other, more general, ie an Ableton incorporating "building" a DAW more gnéraliste as Reaper or Studio one example, a sort of mix between these DAWs, which allow a group of more flexible tracks, with track folder or perhaps a track list and a more flexible routing, the Cockos Reaper is exemplary but Neni: we have a revamped Ableton which is no more evolved qques so it is a bit disappointing!
I lay still "OK" in appreciation for qqu'un because who does not know Abletin can begin in Bitwig and make mixes and tacks, it's still feasible anyway.