Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro

Guitar Tracks Pro, General Sequencer from Cakewalk in the Guitar Tracks series.

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MGR/Icaboyd 03/10/2003

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro : MGR/Icaboyd's user review

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I bought this through Cakewalk direct. $99 a good deal.

I tried Cubasis and it was very confusing. I moved over to Guitar Tracks 2 but the 8 tracks were not enough for me. So then I upgraded to guitar Tracks Pro it has a total of 32 tracks. Its also real easy to use and learn. I have recorded one full-length CD with it. And now I am working on my second CD. Songwriting is easy with this program.

The only thing I think they need to add to this is the ability to change tempos withing a song. You cant have tempo mappings like Cubase etc. But if they added this... GT Pro would be perfect!

Very well structured, easy to use.

Its an excellent program for someone who does not like all the complexities of Cubase, Sonar etc. Very simple.

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