Cakewalk Music Creator 5
Cakewalk Music Creator 5

Music Creator 5, General Sequencer from Cakewalk in the Music Creator series.

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windigo 05/24/2012

Cakewalk Music Creator 5 : windigo's user review

«  Recommended for apprentices but this is the "Pro" »

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Audience: Beginners
No installation problems.
Configuration, ie create a project is fully supported, so it may be simpler. The manual is in French, a video tutorial helps you and there are courses on YouTube, but very full in English, you have a video package for € 9 on the Cakewalk site!


Seven 64 Home Portable 2G I3 4, 8G ° ° 500G disk, its EIS Akai Pro.

The surprise is that everything works and we are dealing with powerful software, which I have not exhausted its limits, with all its functions and semi pro or pro, we wonder if there is not in a race with Mixcraft 6, Moreover, I switched to version 6 Music Creator who brings some new features and bonus.
Configuring Hyper stable, I think the same for a desktop PC much more powerful.


For two years like others before the end Magix, Mixcraft, Reaper, Cubase,
the latter has to worry because he is left of the prestigious brand and a price unreasonably.
Music Creator is a gift from CakeWalk, with the high price of 37 € 5 and € 39 in 6, Lol, and as he has nothing to envy other sequencers general, more grip for beginners but assisted which is a real pleasure for the regulars, this is a smart choice to start and for rapid production, one wonders why it is not better known?
Of course I would resume, but version 5.0 is already really sufficient
to create, mix, arrange, produce, even a Swiss Army knife in the mass of current products and especially great to start without the fuss!