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Cakewalk Sonar 5 Studio Edition
Cakewalk Sonar 5 Studio Edition

General Sequencer from Cakewalk belonging to the Sonar 5 series

Thread I search for a sonar CD, explanation inside.

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1 I search for a sonar CD, explanation inside.
Hello everybody,

I post here because I have a little problem, and one of you might help me to solve it: I have bought Sonar 5 Studio edition few years ago, and last year (during a move), I lost the software CD. Indeed, I still own the CD key, the box and the manual, but without any CD, I just can't install the software. I would have liked to know if anyone here own the software yet, and if this person were kind enough to give me a backup copy of this CD. I have tried to get the CD from peer to peer networks (like emule, bittorrent, etc.), but available Sonar versions were premium ones (producer version as instance, pirates usually don't crack anything but best available product), and so, the "Studio edition" version is still missing.

Thanks in advance.
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Did you register your software? Your serial number is what you buy when you purchase these things. I bet if you still are registered you could call up Roland/Cakewalk and talk to customer support and they might be able to send a cd or give you a link for a full download.
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Oh yeah don't use the bit torrents if your copy is legitament. Roland/cakewalk wants you to use their products.