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Cakewalk Updates Sonar To v8.3

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Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition
News Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition

General Sequencer from Cakewalk belonging to the Sonar 8 series

Cakewalk has released version 8.3 updates for SONAR 8 Producer and SONAR 8 Studio.

Issues Resolved in SONAR 8.3
  • External Inserts:
    o The External Insert ping test now returns consistent delay offset values.
    o Audio now stays in sync with multiple External Inserts in a project.
    o Scrub now works with External Inserts in a project.
    o Deleting and External Insert during playback no longer causes a crash.
    o Using an External Insert on a track containing Groove Clips no longer causes a crash.
    o Improved stability when changing driver type from ASIO to WDM with a project opened that includes External Inserts.
    o Automating External Insert parameters no longer causes crashes.
    o External Insert now displays delay offset value when used in a bus.
  • Instrument Tracks:
    o Dragging & dropping clips to/from Instrument Tracks sometimes resulted in clips disappearing.
    o Improved stability when archiving, deleting, inserting (as well as undo) instrument tracks or tracks routed to sidechain inputs.
  • General:
    o It is now possible to use the Insert Send Assistant to create pre-fader sends without patching an effect.
    o V-Vocal Mute/Solo controls sometimes affected the wrong track in projects containing instrument tracks.
    o Improved support for opening Type 1 MIDI files in SONAR x64.

New Features in SONAR 8.3
  • Live input plug-in delay compensation (PDC) override:
    o Delay compensation can now be disabled on live tracks during playback/recording to reduce latency.
  • Multiprocessor load balancing:
    o SONAR’s audio engine has enhanced multicore performance and load balancing.
    o The CPU meter in the status bar now shows all average with peak for all available processors.
  • Aim Assist enhancements:
    o When Snap to Grid is enabled, the Aim Assist line follows the current Snap to Grid setting.
    o New behavior when selecting and moving a clip with the Select Tool:
    + Click the front/left portion of a clip – The Aim Assist line snaps to the the start of the clip boundary and travels with the clip as it is dragged.
    + Click the rear/right portion of a clip – The Aim Assist line snaps to the end of the clip boundary and snap operates on the clip’s end.
  • Snap to Grid enhancements:
    o You can save and recall Snap to Grid presets and specify snap landmarks should be obtained from all visible tracks or only the current track.
  • Dynamic Arm enhancement:
    o 'Only For Inputs In Project’ option instructs SONAR to only open hardware input ports that are currently active in the project, reducing CPU overhead when the 'Allow Arm Changes During Playback/Record’ is enabled in the Transport | Record Options dialog.
  • External insert enhancements:
    o Improved sync when mixing external hardware with other plug-ins that require delay compensation.
    o Improved sync while looping.
    o Multiple external inserts can be used in the same project.
    o Improved stability on computers with multiple cores/processors.
  • Global effects bypass:
    o SONAR now allows you to globally bypass all audio effects in a project, only tracks, only buses or only clip effects.
  • Split clip group enhancement:
    o SONAR can automatically create a new clip group when splitting clips in an existing clip group.
  • New Split clip options:
    o Left portion (default) – Only the left portion is selected after a split.
    o Right portion – Only the right portion is selected after a split.
    o Both portions – Both left and right portions are selected after a split.
    o None – Neither portion is selected after a split.
  • Notification when track/bus outputs are assigned to silent output:
    o If there is a discrepancy between the port assignments that were saved and the ports that are used in the current configuration, the ports are set to “None” and the Silent Busses Detected dialog warns the user.
  • Guitar Rig 3.2.1 LE enhancements (SONAR 8.3 Producer Edition only):
    o Vista 64-bit support.
    o New Bass Pro amp.
    o New Stomp Compressor.
    o MIDI input filter in the Preferences tab.
    o Improved performance.
  • TruePianos Vista x64 support (SONAR 8.3 Producer only):
    o The TruePianos Amber Module VSTi plug-in now supports Vista 64-bit.
  • Classic sounds for Dimension Pro and Dimension LE:
    o Original samples from the legendary Roland SH-101, TB-303, and VP-330.
    o Classic sounds of the Arp Odyssey, Minimoog and Sequential Circuit’s Prophet 5.
  • Classic drum kits for Session Drummer 2:
    o Original samples from the class Roland TR-707, TR-727, TR-808, and TR-909.
    o Kits from Sequential Circuit’s Drumtrak’s and Linn Electronics LinnDrum.

Check out www.cakewalk.com for more info.
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