Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition
Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition

Sonar 8 Producer Edition, General Sequencer from Cakewalk in the Sonar 8 series.

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Terch 03/01/2009

Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition : Terch's user review


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The installation does not pose any problem, but the samples ... It's long ... Must be patient, but it is common to any installation sample bank.
No incompabilit since version 8.3 (Indpendance FX 8.2 and Sonar bugger made me my occupation in my DAW RAM).
The configuration could not be clearer for the advanced user. Well you just refer to the manual problem when there a. The i is clear and well explained document.
Product registration is via the serial number and activation code, an example of flexibility that many others should follow ...



I'm on an Intel Quad 9550, 4GB of ram and WinXP SP3 with a Gigabyte motherboard EP35-DS4 and SATA hard drives with a miroring to give. UAD-1 card.
The software shows a stability such evidence, since version 8.3, is as good as REAPER, MODEL gender.
I'm trying to chain projects with Sonar, and I've never had any limits put plugs (for the moment I do small sessions, but I have a good big project in a few weeks, I 'diterais to quantify all a. ..). My sessions are now a rsument vingatine audio tracks with big plug of internal effects to the software a little everywhere (The series is 64bit trs trs good quality and a dozen vsti's.
Took me a while to stabilize my setup PC / Sonar, but now I do not regret. I must say that since version 8.3 of Sonar is a quite radical change in terms of stability and fluidity for many this upgrade has done much good. Today I am fully confident in my System.



I t an intensive, unwanted Sonar 4 for 3 years.
I use Sonar 8PE since its release, bought with Logic 5.5 crossgrade for 280.
It is true that I t's by versions 8.01 and 8.02 for despite the ambition of squenceur plthorique and its offer (the best of the march on Windows), and has bugs empchaient complte the use of soft.
And V8.3 was released two days ago ... I re-test all my projects, worked extensively on a Journe prod hairy. No crashes, no "glitch" or other artifact.
Today I Droulez the list of new features, including a fabulous: the disabling of a PDC / track (s) DSIR). Basically it is perfectly possible to play and record live a VSTi or a guitar amp simulator as an insert, all in a mixing session with big carriers plugins latency (PDC requires), fabulous.
Otherwise what I like most is the sum of small functions plthorique trs practices, which include: the ACT (dynamic recognition of my area CONTRL), the AudioSnap (manager tempo / clips) and the V-Vocal (mlodyne kind), the manager plug-ins, etc..
I t user Logic 5.5 on PC, I am owner of energyXT, I use very often ProTools (7.4) in the studio and Reaper for dpanner.
Today companies plutt DAWs provide a "bundle" of soft drinks in addition squenceur simple. In this spirit of "bundle", Sonar 8PE is undoubtedly the result of the market provided most Windows, there's no photo. But then at the del "bundle" must be the same squenceur him either quality. Taient my doubts when large versions 8.01 and 8.02, since version 8.3, there is talk of a trs trs squenceur good, stable and ingnieux, professional hands down.
Note the trs Ractive good people of Cakewalk who knew our answer to the expectations of users, by correcting a multitude of bugs and adding features trs many think (including compensation PDC disables the track monitor).

In view of the "bundle" and features, the report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable. Sonar is the "Logic" version of Windows.

Repeat this choice? The question does not even.

One Reserved: the stabilsateur Version 8 will drive five months, but now the lot of all apps. I attack an intense professional years, with many projects. And since this weekend, I am reassured trs.

EDIT to 17 Aot 2009: Sonar 8 I use it all the time for projects the image compositions + musical illustration. My fears about managing video disappeared APRS RALIS my first short with this version (previously I used another machine dedicates video playback). Rv is the tool to synchronize the tempo the image (with a time / track and Audionsap). The management track is gnialissime MODELS: we call two plays in such a virtual instrument drum with multiple audio outputs drafts, its bus lines and the dparts rverbes with good plugins. Suffice to say that I do more to ESG winks in terms of musical prods various parts of movies! I also Discoveries small small Rapture LE, in his standard, and I think upgrade to the large version.