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Cockos Updates REAPER to v3.05

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Cockos Reaper 3
News Cockos Reaper 3

General Sequencer from Cockos belonging to the Reaper series

Cockos has updated REAPER to v3.05.


•    Significant audio processing performance improvements, especially in larger projects.
•    FX processing improvements for all Cockos plugins.
•    Processing performance improvements for MIDI-only tracks.
•    Significant graphics optimizations.
•    Pasting items in large projects is faster.
•    Fixed dragging items vertically across multiple tracks.
•    Media explorer remembers the last directory visited when reopened.
•    Global automation override is saved with project.
•    JS sysex support: midisyx(frameoffset,msgbuf, len).
•    FX parameter adjustment undo point is set immediately if the plugin informs the host the move is done.
•    Fixed random creation of different-length takes in loop recording.
•    Faster bulk-arming of tracks via action.
•    Seek is less likely to unnecessarily scroll the view.
•    Properly resize last track in folder when compacting.
•    FX quick-add menu contents are sorted alphabetically.
•    Safer VST unloading while playing.
•    Use envelope lane button hover states.
•    Don’t allow dragging a folder track into its own children.
•    Copy MIDI item editor settings (note shape, etc) when copying MIDI items.
•    Don’t autoclose audio device when media explorer is previewing.
•    Fixed waveout/directsound issues on failed initialization.
•    Better folder remembering on render/consolidate, better default record path (rather than path to app).
•    MIDI editor: option to set default color map (in prefs/media/midi).
•    Support for mcp_master_sendlist_* theme images.
•    ReaTune updates for multiple project and better take-fx support in manual mode, slight visual overhaul.
•    Color-themeable fade area shading for media items.
•    Color-themeable blinking edit cursor.
•    Optional color-themeable play cursor (with width control).
•    Themes can set blend mode on fade handle edges/snap offset drawing.
•    More efficient time selection highlight drawing in default theme.
•    Fixed action for toggle recarm on all selected tracks.
•    Better cue label positioning for stereo items etc.
•    Actions to toggle item normalize/multiple item normalize, un-normalize.
•    Special-case mutexing for ET-200/Rez/Oatmeal, generalizable on request for other plug-ins.
•    Will now prompt you to select an audio device if you have not yet selected one.
•    OSX: better view of some unthemed windows in docker.
•    OSX: better AU initialization for some plugins.
•    Improved tempo/time signature marker editing behavior.
•    Open file in external editor supports unicode filenames.
•    Custom toolbar icon assigned to “bounce live output to disk” will light up while recording.
•    Preference whether to auto-show FX window after adding via quick-add menu.
•    Warn if unable to save changes because project file is read-only.
•    Fix for problems unloading plugins that run message loop during effClose (i.e. Guru).
•    Fixed bug with mixed native/OS text rendering colors being incorrect.
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