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Cockos Reaper 3.71

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Cockos Reaper 3
News Cockos Reaper 3

General Sequencer from Cockos belonging to the Reaper series

Cockos has updated REAPER to v3.71.

Here are the changes since version 3.63.



  • ASIO: requested audio block size: fixed power-of-two rounding mode.
  • Media items: drawing fix for empty items.


  • ASIO: support for requesting audio block size (many drivers will ignore, though).
  • Arc/roundrect drawing: fixed bugs, smaller code.
  • Floating toolbar: fixed refresh on update of theme.
  • MIDI editor: avoid unsafe memory access on undo.
  • Themes: fixed drawing glitch on docker tabs (and potentially elsewhere) introduced in 3.69.
  • OSX: fixed potential crash under certain focus conditions (impl IsWindow()).


  • Media item labels: option to show/hide text label based on item height.
  • Media item buttons: option to show/hide buttons based on item height.
  • Nudge/set: pass space bar through from nudge dialog to main window.
  • OSX: avoid blinking cursor and tooltip when holding down a modifier key.
  • OSX: fixed VST-shell project loading on PPC.
  • OSX: fixed drawing issues (primarily related to docked media explorer).
  • Parameter modulation: fixed problem when using latent plugins.
  • Project: safer writing of long lines to project file/undo memory.
  • Themes: background stretching fixes.


  • Dynamic split: fixed forced reduction of splits during calculation.
  • Media items: better rounding of timing of certain start offsets.
  • Media items: fixed undo/redo of take deletion broken in 3.67.
  • MIDI editor: tick accuracy improvements when pasting MIDI.
  • MIDI editor: fixed scrub preview for CC messages on channels other than 1.
  • MIDI editor: fixed checkmarks in customized menus.
  • MIDI editor: respect preference to prevent single-click CC event selection when holding shift or control.
  • MIDI editor: create undo point when changing CC lane (prevent undoing back to the previous lane).
  • Mute: fixed UI inconsistency when undo/redo on tracks with no items.
  • Peaks: fixed zoomed in peaks display of waveforms with active MIDI take.
  • Pencil mode: fixed flicker when starting to draw looped MIDI items.
  • Project load: fixed loading of certain third party generated RPPs broken in 3.67.
  • Project load/save: better default paths.
  • Save as: in copy modes, if a full project path is set, clear it (as it will not be used in the new project).
  • Tooltips: added preference to show tooltips when hovering the mouse over an envelope.
  • Video: improved initial CPU/RAM use on load of projects with video items.


  • More item fade mouse modifier tweakage (fully back to 3.66 behavior).


  • Restored default item fade modifiers.


  • MIDI editor: smoother editing for swing grid handles.
  • MIDI editor: snap pitch/pan CC bars to center.
  • MIDI editor: don’t create extra undo point when moving/copying events.
  • MIDI editor: fixed advancing cursor when step recording with swing grid enabled.
  • MIDI editor: fixed crash when double-clicking collapsed CC lane.
  • MIDI editor: fixed paste preserving position in measure in first partial measure of a media item.
  • MIDI editor: new theme color for octave grid line.
  • MIDI editor: update display immediately after event list context menu action.
  • MIDI editor: when a single CC event is dragged, display the actual event time/value in the lower right.
  • FX: adding FX via quick-add menu floats the FX window (if the user preference is to show the FX window at all).
  • FX: double click a floating FX title bar to return the FX to the chain window.
  • FX: double-click empty space in the FX chain list (under the current inserted FX) to open the FX browser.
  • FX: fixed potential flood of FX automation messages.
  • FX: optionally show the current track FX in the FX button context menu, click to float/unfloat individual FX.
  • FX: when adding an FX chain, auto-float each FX window if the preference is set.
  • OSX: fixed a graphic glitch when updating track I/O window.
  • OSX: fixed drawing behavior when tabbing through tracks to rename.
  • OSX: fixed plug-in pin connector dialog not showing [+] button.
  • OSX: fixed tiny font and odd alignment in track IO dialog, MIDI CC lanes.
  • OSX: fixed too-large font on track meters.
  • Video/FFmpeg: better audio seek mechanism.
  • Video/FFmpeg: fixed duration on broken MPEG-1 files.
  • Video/QuickTime: added sample accurate seek when using Quicktime decoder.
  • Video/Windows: added EVR output for Vista+ machines (improved video display when using Aero).
  • Video/Windows: fixed hang when using REAPER over RDP.
  • Video: better peaks display when zoomed in on videos that use compressed audio.
  • Action: scroll view vertically (MIDI CC): prevent scrolling offscreen.
  • Action: split items at timeline grid affects offscreen items properly.
  • Action: toggle mute for track sends or receives 1–8.
  • API: export Help_Set function (show help text in the area below the track panels).
  • AU: fixed occasional noise blast from plugins that can’t handle anticipative processing (AUPeakLimiter).
  • AU: better support for multi-output AUs (thanks, VSL).
  • Cues: fixed drawing of extra cues on unlooped items that are longer than the underlying media source.
  • Envelopes: pan envelope lane slider direction is consistent in trim/read vs write modes.
  • External editors: when passing a region to Sound Forge, round to the nearest sample.
  • Grid: fixed actions to split at grid, move cursor left/right to nearest grid position.
  • Grouped items: more consistent behavior when editing grouped item edges.
  • Help: when modifier keys are down, show what action is about to occur when editing items and envelope points.
  • Item crossfades: shift+alt drag moves the crossfade and stretches both items.
  • Marquee: shift overrides snap when selecting items and time together.
  • Media explorer: options for default action (insert media, preview media, do nothing).
  • Parameter modulation: smoother audio control signal modulation with very short attack/release.
  • Playback: fixed play cursor positioning when starting near end of project/loop.
  • Preferences: moved volume/pan fader range settings to Appearance/VU Meters and Faders.
  • Preferences: preference to suppress splitting all items at the edit cursor if nothing is selected.
  • Project parsing: less heap use when parsing projects (faster loading of large projects).
  • ReaEQ: Cockos VST extension support for manually editing envelope points.
  • Render: added minimize button to minimize REAPER during renders.
  • Render: fixed rendered items sometimes being one sample too short with certain sample rate/buffer size settings.
  • s/SVN/Git/: new revision IDs in about box.
  • Takes: actions to rotate take lanes forward or backward for selected items.
  • Takes: copy/preserve take FX when new recording splits an existing media item (obeys preference to copy take FX on split).
  • Takes: internal changes to take processing.
  • Theme support: background images with yellow lines (outer-areas) now properly supported for track name, vol, pan labels, etc.
  • Theme support: better detection of theme changes (faster).
  • Theme support: button images can now have pink lines for stretching.
  • Tooltips: action to toggle on/off tooltips for media items and envelopes.
  • Tooltips: multi-line tooltips for envelopes, items, item fades.
  • Tooltips: multi-line tooltips for track IO, ENV, FX buttons.
  • Undo/Save: safer behavior when loading media item state.
  • Undo: don’t create extra undo point when control+drag copying media items.
  • VST: ensure “show VST folders” option is persistent.
  • VST: when VST folders enabled and VST names disabled, don’t show path twice in FX button right-click menu.
  • Windows: fix for waveOut latency going off after many hours.


  • MIDI editor: fixed possible crash or corruption when deleting MIDI text events.
  • OSX: fixed default shift key mappings in MIDI editor.


  • MIDI editor: action to reverse events also reverses CC, works in event list view.
  • MIDI editor: actions that target a CC lane will target the top lane if no CC lane has focus.
  • MIDI editor: advance edit cursor correctly after paste preserving position in measure.
  • MIDI editor: better blink cursor appearance.
  • MIDI editor: clicking to the left of a CC lane will set focus to that lane without deselecting notes/CC.
  • MIDI editor: fixed CC events on one channel erasing events on other channels when moving CC with notes.
  • MIDI editor: fixed splitting notes in looped MIDI items.
  • MIDI editor: fixed step input actions when inserting X semitones below the current note.
  • MIDI editor: immediately refresh event list when correcting overlapping notes/CC.
  • MIDI editor: option to disable single-click selecting CC events.
  • MIDI editor: paste preserving position in measure will not paste duplicates.
  • MIDI editor: quantize, humanize, event properties, and filter windows stay on top of the editor.
  • MIDI editor: swing grid support.
  • MIDI editor: swing grid strength is set/edited by dragging handles on the upbeat grid lines.
  • MIDI editor: text box for manual entry of swing strength.
  • MIDI editor: when correcting overlapping notes, also correct CC events at the same time/channel.
  • MIDI editor: when correcting overlapping notes/CC, always preserve the selected note/CC.
  • MIDI quantize: actions to quantize note position, or position and end, to grid.
  • MIDI quantize: added actions and options to quantize notes only, or all events.
  • MIDI quantize: added bypass checkbox to quantize dialog.
  • MIDI quantize: checkbox to fix overlaps on commit.
  • MIDI quantize: notes will move with grid changes if quantize dialog is open when changing grid or swing.
  • MIDI quantize: overhauled quantize dialog.
  • MIDI quantize: when quantize grid is set to editor grid, quantize swing setting is linked to editor swing.
  • MIDI: fixed MIDI notes sometimes not being played when coinciding exactly with a time signature change.
  • Custom colors: action to reset random color generator (also resets default.palette if it exists).
  • Custom colors: if default.reapalette file exists, use those colors instead of random colors.
  • Custom colors: default.reapalette (resource dir): text file of R G B values, one color per line.
  • Custom colors: organized default custom color menu entries.
  • Custom colors: preference for media item background tint strength, for selected/unselected media items.
  • Custom colors: preference to automatically color any recording pass that adds takes to existing items.
  • Custom colors: support for setting all takes created in the same recording pass to a custom color.
  • Custom colors: support for setting custom colors per-take.
  • API: allow extensions and ReaScript to get/set take custom colors, recording pass ID.
  • Automation: higher recording speed for FX parameter automation.
  • Automation: refresh track volume/pan sliders when deleting a track envelope in read/write modes.
  • Color theme: added themeable colored bars to optionally display on selected items, active takes.
  • Color theme: added themeable colors for MIDI note/CC text colors (light and dark).
  • Custom menu editor: action list automatically switches to the correct section when changing menus.
  • Envelopes: drawing optimizations when zoomed out.
  • External sync: option to only use external sync on playback or recording, or both.
  • Master VU: fixed inaccurate RMS meter calculation with some window/audio buffer sizes.
  • Media items: draw media source end notch slightly differently for unlooped items.
  • Nudge/set: checkbox to preserve relative item positioning in set mode.
  • OSX: better text field coloring.
  • OSX: fixed 2GB+ file peakfile generation/reading.
  • OSX: fixed a few graphical glitches relating to docked windows.
  • OSX: selecting default system devices now allows differing input/outputs.
  • Preferences: new tab for path settings (default render path, default recording path, alternate peak cache path).
  • ReaControlMIDI: fixed reading .ins files that contain trailing blank lines.
  • ReaGate: checkbox to invert gate output (when loud, duck wet signal vs dry).
  • Recording: organized options for behavior when recording over existing items.
  • Recording: recording over existing items can split the old items and add takes, create new items, or trim existing items.
  • Recording: ensure that loop recording creates correct length files when “add new files on loop” enabled.
  • Recording: fix for loop recording sometimes being slightly off the loop edges.
  • Recording: new preference to discard incomplete first/last takes if at least one full loop was recorded.
  • Scrollbars: improved zoom button sizing.
  • Takes: action to activate take under mouse, mapped to “Y” by default (for “yes”).
  • Takes: media item drawing optimizations.
  • Takes: media items can be locked to the active take (to prevent mouse clicks from switching takes).
  • Takes: preference to link or unlink all takes when editing start offset (slip editing).
  • Toolbar: refresh custom toolbars after linking/unlinking loop points and time selection via preferences.
  • Tracks: “Options/Show overlapping items in lanes” creates as many lanes as necessary.
  • Tracks: when showing items in lanes, items whose audio will mask other items are drawn in a higher lane.
  • Tracks: automatically remove tracks created by accidentally moving an item down too far.
  • Tracks: added preference to remove or retain tracks created by moving an item below the last track and back.
  • Transport menu: fixed checkmarks on submenu items (such as external sync, etc).
  • Video: preliminary support for flip/rotate of video (video source properties).
  • VST: inform plugins if transport repeat is enabled.
  • Windows: better audio device closing behavior when minimizing REAPER and stopped.


  • Action window: better behavior after adding actions to custom menus (close or restore the action window properly).
  • Actions: run LICEcap.
  • Actions: set item mix behavior to project default.
  • Actions: move or copy items to time selection, trim/stretch/loop/duplicate to fit.
  • Actions: move position, edges, contents, duplicate of selected item (or item under mouse) to edit cursor.
  • Actions: select all locked tracks.
  • Actions: set track record path to primary, secondary, primary+secondary.
  • Actions: show record path/secondary record path in explorer/finder.
  • API: added MIDIEditor_GetTake, to get the MIDI take that is being edited in the active MIDI editor.
  • API: added SetCurrentBPM function.
  • Automation: fixed recording of send automation via mixer (broken since 3.3).
  • Automation: preference to reset write mode to another automation mode after one recording pass.
  • Envelope panel: remove mouseover highlight when mouse leaves window.
  • Envelopes: fixed action to move envelope points left/right by grid size.
  • Envelopes: lane trim fader and add-4-points actions create points 0.5 ms apart.
  • Envelopes: remember envelope armed state when unbypassing.
  • Envelopes: when recording automation in loop, keep the exact recorded values at loop start and end.
  • External sync: optional flashing window to warn when recording and waiting for timecode.
  • FX: when docking/undocking fx chain, hide/show plug-in config window (some plug-ins don’t like being moved).
  • Help: changed “Help: keyboard shortcuts” to “Help: Mouse key modifiers and action shortcuts”.
  • Help: added MIDI editor mouse modifier behaviors to output of Help/Mouse modifier keys.
  • Item notes/project notes: fixed Unicode character support.
  • JS: added ts_num, ts_denom variables (time signature numerator and denominator).
  • JS: fixed x64 issue when used with third party plug-ins compiled with buggy MS CRT (fmod() needs fclex, etc).
  • Main menu: audio status now can optionally show record path, can disable showing of device info/record format.
  • Master track: deselect all other tracks when clicking master track TCP.
  • Media explorer: don’t process REAPER hotkeys when renaming items (Windows).
  • Media explorer: replace media source for selected items, optionally stretched/looped to fit.
  • Menus/Actions: cleanup of many action descriptions (“selected tracks” becomes “tracks”, same for items, etc).
  • MIDI devices: added a button to reset all MIDI devices, in Prefs/Audio/MIDI Devices.
  • MIDI editor: actions to insert note or advance cursor by various note lengths.
  • MIDI editor: actions to move edit cursor by measures.
  • MIDI editor: actions to zoom view to selected notes/CC, or to project loop selection (double-click piano roll ruler).
  • MIDI editor: don’t fix overlapping or duplicate notes until after quantize/humanize is done.
  • MIDI editor: don’t shift+select notes that are adjacent to the current selection (they must overlap).
  • MIDI editor: double-clicking existing text/sysex events always edits the event (rather than creating a new one).
  • MIDI editor: dropdown setting for length to use when inserting notes (can be set when drawing/selecting a note).
  • MIDI editor: fixed flicker when using humanize.
  • MIDI editor: fixed snap to grid in looped items where the loop length itself is not on the grid.
  • MIDI editor: fixed snap to grid when project time signature is not x/4.
  • MIDI editor: fixed some note/CC editing actions not refreshing event list view.
  • MIDI editor: fixed changing channel filter not refreshing event list view.
  • MIDI editor: inserting/extending/pasting past the end of a looped MIDI item will extend the loop in source beats mode.
  • MIDI editor: inserting/extending/pasting past the end of an unlooped MIDI item will extend the item.
  • MIDI editor: MIDI preview scrub (middle mouse button in ruler, or click+drag the edit cursor handle).
  • MIDI editor: mute actions affect all selected notes and CC.
  • MIDI Editor: option to disable automatic correction of overlapping notes.
  • MIDI editor: option to only move edit cursor when clicking ruler or CC lane dividers, not note/CC area.
  • MIDI editor: removed piano roll-specific actions from the event list view action list.
  • MIDI export: adjust embedded tempo map properly when exporting time selection rather than entire project.
  • MIDI items: fixed bug when splitting unlooped MIDI item across tempo changes.
  • Mixer meters: better justification of peak value text when it is larger than the width of the meter.
  • MPx decoder: fixed multiple simultaneous decodes of MP2.
  • MPx decoder: file parsing optimizations/cleanup.
  • Nudge: added right edge option (to nudge or set item right edge without trimming item length).
  • OSX: added a button to open system Audio MIDI Setup utility, in Prefs/Audio/Device.
  • OSX: better Core Audio multidevice support (though it is still better to use aggregate devices).
  • OSX: changed audio device configuration storage, existing users will need to re-select their audio device(s) (REAPER will prompt on startup).
  • OSX: fixed MIDI editor refresh of CC lane boxes.
  • OSX: improved Prefs/Audio/Device, now strongly encourages user to use a single device (and create Aggregate devices as needed).
  • OSX: more window compositing fixes.
  • OSX: support for automatically building output routing for multi-output AUs.
  • OSX: fixed color picker rounding bug.
  • OSX: color picker and font picker now have proper ok/cancel buttons.
  • OSX: fixed REX on PPC, improved REX loading code.
  • Per-take envelopes: action to insert 4 envelope points at time selection respects take play rate.
  • Play cursor: better positioning at start of playback.
  • Play cursor: better positioning with short loops.
  • Play/loopskip: fixed problems with very small time selections, improved accuracy, fixed issues with PDC.
  • Project: default item mix behavior is properly saved with default project.
  • ReaControlMIDI: fixed UI loading when bridging enabled.
  • ReaEQ: preserve existing wet/dry and bypass automation when resetting bands to default.
  • Scrollbars: fixed vertical scrollbar theme change update issue.
  • Splash screen: more useful startup status display.
  • Toolbars: remove mouseover highlight when mouse leaves window.
  • Tracks: actions to increase/decrease selected track height (shift+control+mousewheel by default).
  • Tracks: actions to minimize/maximize track heights will toggle back to the exact previous track heights.
  • Tracks: don’t allow a hidden track to become a folder track.
  • Tracks: mute/solo modes (clear, exclusive, grouped, etc) now will not affect tracks that are not visible in the same context as the click.
  • Tracks: track controls can be locked.
  • Tracks: themeable color/alpha for locked track control panel.
  • Undo system: increased default RAM limit to 256MB.
  • WAV: basic support for MP2-WAV.
  • Windows: add project to Windows recent file list properly when creating subdirectory.
  • Windows: fixed unicode issues for launching files after render, etc.
  • Windows: option to use Windows Explorer (default) or generic listview for Media Explorer.
  • Windows: changed installer requested privilege level to admin.
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