MusE Audio MusE - Linux Music Editor [Freeware]
MusE Audio MusE - Linux Music Editor [Freeware]

MusE - Linux Music Editor [Freeware], General Sequencer from MusE Audio.

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MusE v1.1.

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MusE has been updated to version 1.1.

Changes include:

  • Jack MIDI support.
  • Allow native VST GUIs for plugins.
  • Audio and MIDI routing popup menus now stay open, for making rapid connections.
  • MusE now has two mixers, with selectable track type display.
  • External MIDI sync fixes and improvements, should be very stable.
  • Some pianoroll improvements.
  • Some crash fixes.
  • Drum editor fixes.
  • Various arranger fixes and improvements.
  • Various improvements for plugin GUIs.
  • Routing fixes.
  • Stability fixes for plugins.
  • Various DSSI fixes.
  • Rec enabled track moves with selection when only one track is rec enabled.
  • Jack MIDI, routing system, multichannel synth ins/outs, MIDI strips and trackinfo pane.
  • Dummy audio driver: Added global settings for sample rate and period size.
  • Arranger track list: Quick 'right-click' or 'ctrl-click' or 'ctrl-mouse-wheel' toggling of Track On/Off.
  • Allow changing timebase master.
  • Option to split imported MIDI tracks into multiple parts.
  • Several new keyboard shortcuts for various operations, see shortcut editor.
  • Several colour tweaks and other cosmetic changes.
  • Various stability fixes.
  • Countless fixes and tweaks, about a 300 lines in the Changelog, check it for a complete list of blood sweat and tears.


For a complete list of changes, check the ChangeLog in the package or online at the sourceforge site.

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