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Cockos Reaper 3
Cockos Reaper 3

General Sequencer from Cockos belonging to the Reaper series

damphil damphil

«  Forever Reaper! »

Published on 06/11/10 at 08:59
Installing the speed of sound
Child configuration (type the cube in the square and ball in the round)
No incompatibility (part perhaps one or two bad VST programs gratos)
One day, perhaps, I'll read the manual.


Config: PC Corei7 XP64bits (bientt seven?), But sometimes the Mac osx (iMac Core 2 Duo)
The software is extremely stable and trslger especially for the machine, allowing overloading plugins in your projects.
The only crashes I could get were read to the hardware, the OS (including Windows)
Essay on various sound cards:
-Motu 8pre
-Motu Traveler
-Edirol UA25
Well, is happening everywhere, no need to redo the entire ASIO config with a watchmakers screwdriver.


I use it for 2 years, he replaced almost totality of my audio app.
Indeed, this capacity Reaper you WORK. No frills, no buttons and sub-sub-sub menus conus by hordes of graphic designers and ergonomists surpays and alcohol!
In this app is a button, a function, clear, fast and efficient.
I do not want all the functions m'tendre dj t prcedemment said.
May-be we could just be objected that this app is not part of a Digidesign and Steinberg on and if you work for a big Hollywood studio, maybe you will (and I say good "maybe" ) of export worries in a string Broadcast.
This put hand was good to recapture the spirit "shareware" the great era and we feel that the developers (elders WinAmp project) have retrouss sleeves to lay a free software any default and well thought our little brains full of fat.
Keep it up! Cockos Go! Go!

+ Lightweight
+ Super audio engine
+ $ 60 (free if you have no moral)
+ Makes you want to work
+ Config simplissime
+ Hte BTBR any VST /> + forms sublime wave
+ Put frquentes days
+ Support ReWire
+ Is not his money leading shareholders, but enthusiasts
+ ....

- Bugs? defects of youth? surely, but at the time when I write these lines, they will already patched.