Cockos Reaper 4
Cockos Reaper 4

Reaper 4, General Sequencer from Cockos in the Reaper series.

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Ehma2Retour 09/30/2013

Cockos Reaper 4 : Ehma2Retour's user review

« The colossus!!! »

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It's light, effective and can be installed in two or three clicks.
Except for Linux users, everybody else is catered for from Windows 95 to Windows 8 32 or 64 bits, Mac OS 32, 64 bits or PPC.
Do note that it works better under Windows than Mac OS.


I've tried multiple options but this software is currently the lightest there is.
We could disregard the hardware because this software is really optimized.
Relatively stable and very powerful, Reaper can compare with the major players.
I was surprised with the Mackie Control support, it is excellent.


I couldn't tell when I started to use Reaper, but I have version 4 since it came out.
Its price/quality ratio is very interesting, but it depends on how much you earn and your plug-in collection.
It's a version stripped of all unnecessary features. It goes straight to the point, while allowing some unprecedented things in this type of product.
Reaper is an expert sequencer that isn't meant for everybody, but those who master it will have an unlimited world of possibilities at hand.
I would criticize its not very intuitive usage, due to its endless possibilities. It's not easy to make it simple when you offer so many things.
Its midi editor, while having evolved quite a bunch, is not the most user-friendly.
It is actually off-putting for beginners. It lacks certain options that would allow beginners to really get on with a comprehensive product.
But apart from that, it's really a performance beast. It's a unique product without equal.
I use it rarely, preferring Logic, Cubase and Sonar. Probably out of habit. But even if I'm not a regular user, its qualities do not need to be proven and must be recognized.
Reaper is a minor player in the sequencer world, like Linux in the OS world. It's a bit harder to get a grip of, maybe a bit less sexy in the beginning, but very powerful and customizable.
When it comes to price/quality ratio, I have mixed feelings: it costs $60, which isn't much, but if we want to use it for professional applications its $225.
For people who have a good plug-in collection, it's OK. But for those who don't, they have to buy everything, so it is a stiff price.

To summarize:
Reaper is the sequencer we end up using when we are disappointed by the rest and have already come a long way. Starting directly with Reaper is not as obvious nor advantageous.