Digidesign Pro Tools 6 Le
Digidesign Pro Tools 6 Le

Pro Tools 6 Le, General Sequencer from Digidesign in the Pro Tools 6 series.

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lse 04/24/2005

Digidesign Pro Tools 6 Le : lse's user review


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Problem-free installation
- No incompatibility itself if and only if you follow religiously announcements Digidesign, which is trspnibles. Versions of ProTools are toukopurs the bourgeoisie over updates from Apple for OS X and if we put Precipitation Occurred on the last day of Apple half the time to wallow (hey guys Digidesign, if you're bored there's taf ct compatibility and / or monitoring of updates to Apple)
- The config is trs obscure for a non specialist in the original but it works .. impec except that in my case the default tracks taient groups and have a lot galr to understand why I could not until someone saves me putting on the forum for AudioFanzine
- I do not regard the manual, I used the tutorials on the Internet,
Grinder: I'm finally came and the doc (700 pages in PDF) Austre bit though, is extremely well done.


- IBook G4 1 Ghz 768 MB RAM 60 MB disk + External LaCie Firewire 250 MB, Sound Card .. Mbox
The software works perfectly on this setup. But if I do not close the session before quitting the app, it refuses to restart (crash when loading MIDI lments, while I have no MIDI equipment). Must then tie together the Mac to agree to reopen ..
- Perfs excellent but I only use a few tracks and just a bit of compression. Having said that PT LE Whereas the iBook is for himself and it is not possible to do something else while it bounce (in export AIF) your exact session.
- Hardware configuration (iBook / Mbox) + software (PT LE) trs stable .. Subject to technical compatibility bienr OMPLIANCE official (otherwise on Mac OS X is the bronx total)


1) I am a great beginners (so what am is a notice of commencement, not an opinion gnraliste)
2) I use it in a spcial: recording of spoken text with musical background mountains (in the spirit of a mission radio) I use a lot of things not that musicians use no doubt.
I use it for two months
What I like least .. hard to say I am far from having pushed into a corner and I in audio beginners
- Before I used Amadeus II (shareware trs well) and Peak to publisher and Audacity for editing. ProTools bury each and includes everything. Amadeus I, however, retained for recording in MP3 (or convert MP3 to AIF) because ProTools LE does not seem to know what format
Report poustouflant quality price (since it is included with the Mbox), use I think is the best argument for the hard Digidesign
I would do this without any hsitation choice, I am impressed with this app trs (for that I use) is both a professional and a soft a soft accessible beginners like me.
- Trs side benefit is used on a small screen (I have an iBook laptop 12 inches) which is not really the case, for example, Audacity