Digital Sound Planet Quartz Audio Master Freeware [Freeware]
Digital Sound Planet Quartz Audio Master Freeware [Freeware]

Quartz Audio Master Freeware [Freeware], General Sequencer from Digital Sound Planet.

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historicair 01/05/2003

Digital Sound Planet Quartz Audio Master Freeware [Freeware] : historicair's user review


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No installation problem or incompatibility. However, the manual is pretty average (but hey, it's free, we will not complain either ...).


On a PC Athlon XP1700 +, 256 DDR, 40 GB Seagate HDD, Soundblaster Live and Win 98SE, everything works perfectly. The performance of the software seem to me excellent, as far as I can tell. The whole is extremely stable, and most importantly, once again, free, so as to use it.


I use this software for about 6 months to record on 4 audio tracks my guitar lines, bass, singing and rhythm box. Then I export it all in audio format, and it's all bad, I have my piece. So there are plenty of lments which I am using it, which I do not know the same function. Also, it is difficult to judge the overall quality of this software. But to register and CRER a kind of CD dmo, and although it is of better quality than K7 4 tracks, a track can be manipulated in wav format (and possibly of convert them to mp3 converter with mp3towave Acoustica), and thus his work is to burn, or spread it on the Net. In short, it's a great tool, trs enjoyable, and once again, free when you ask for? Ah, yes, for me, thank you for adding talent, if you know a good salesman, I'm interested ;-)