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Harrison Consoles Mixbus v1.5

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Harrison Audio Mixbus
News Harrison Audio Mixbus

Harrison has updated Mixbus to version 1.5 and announced the release of a Linux version.


Pricing & Availability

The version 1.5 update provides new features and fixes and is available, free of charge, for all registered customers. It costs $79.99 for new customers.


New features in 1.5:

  • New Region-Gain-Range editing mode (see page 20, above).
  • New “Join Playhead to Edit Range” transport/editing mode.
  • New key-mappable “play with pre-roll” in Transport menu.

Improvements in 1.5:

  • Channel compressor controls are tweaked for setup with drums & percussion.
  • Dynamic automation is now “thinned” during recording. Thinning strength is configurable via ardour.rc file.

Fixes in 1.5:

  • Fixed bug with automation editing associated with zooming in & out while editing.
  • Fixed bug where end marker moves to the end of last recorded region whenever you change the end trim of any region.


Mixbus for Linux

The Linux version provides the same features as the Mac OS X version (it supports LADSPA and LV2 plug-ins on Linux).

Mixbus is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with “True Analog Mixing”: a combination of Harrison’s sound and features in a knob-per-function interface. Now cross-platform on both Linux and Mac OS X.


Mixbus Features:

  • “Knob per function” mixer layout based on Harrison’s 32-series and MR-series music consoles.
  • DSP algorithms for EQ, Filter, Compression, Analog Tape Saturation, and Summing based on Harrison’s large format analog and digital mixing consoles.
  • Unlimited stereo or mono input channels (based on available CPU power) featuring High-pass Filter, EQ, Compression, and 4 Mix Bus sends on every channel.
  • 4 Stereo Mix Buses (can be used for groups or auxes) featuring Tone controls, Compression, Sidechaining, and Analog Tape Saturation.
  • Stereo Master Bus that features Tone controls, Analog Tape Saturation, K-meter, and Limiting.
  • Automatic delay compensation for routing combinations of Tracks to Mixbuses and/or Master Bus. This allows for parallel paths with different plugins that remain time-aligned to the output.
  • “At-a-glance” metering with peak, peak hold, and compressor gain reduction visible on every track and bus.
  • DAW features via the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Uses sound I/O supported by ALSA and/or JACK on Linux.
  • Supports LADSPA and LV2 plugins on Linux.
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