Image Line FL Studio 9
Image Line FL Studio 9

FL Studio 9, General Sequencer from Image Line in the FL Studio 9 series.

Image Line FL Studio 9

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Image Line has chosen 9/9/9 to release.... FL Studio 9.

This new version includes about 370 additions, changes and bug fixes (much of which was added during the v8.5 betas).

Key New Features and Changes

FL Studio:
  • Sidechaining - The FL Studio Mixer 'Track Send' now has an additional 'Sidechain' mode to support multiple-input mixer plugins.
  • Multi-core CPU (Hyperthreading) - Improved multithreaded generator & added multithreaded effects processing.
  • Multiple controllers - Can now control multiple independent instrument channels, assigned by MIDI number.
  • New volatile linking feature.
  • Wrapper - Aligned tick lengths checkbox for greater plugin compatibility.

Revised Playlist:
  • Playlist track naming & icon - Tools for better song organization.
  • Playlist track mute controls.

Piano roll:
  • Riff machine - Automatic sequence generator tool.
  • Note Grouping - New feature (works on selecting, moving, resizing, deletion, muting, shifting using mouse-wheel).

  • More tracks - Now has 99 Insert tracks (up from 64).
  • Multi-core CPU support - Added 'multithreaded mixer' tracks processing for improved multi-core performance.

New Plugins:
  • Autogun (free) - Sonic adventure, Based on Ogun.
  • Ogun (demo)- Additive metal simulation synthesizer.
  • Gross Beat (demo) - Real-time, audio-stream playback, pitch, position and volume manipulation effect.
  • Stereo Shaper (free) - Mid / Side stereo processing.
  • Vocodex - The last word in vocoders (free with Producer Edition).

Revised Plugins:
  • Fruity Reeverb 2 - Added Mid vs Side input signal processing.
  • Fruity Wrapper - Now supports multiple inputs/outputs (free).
  • Wavecandy - Visualization & analysis tools (free).
  • Fruity Limiter - Compressor section now has sidechaining (free).

  • Presets - Drop effect presets onto mixer tracks & channels, mixer track presets onto effect slots and channels, channel & generator presets onto mixer tracks & effect slots.
  • Windows file shell menu - Available from Browser (right-click) item menu.

A full list of changes is available here.

As usual, updates are free for existing owners (for the edition you own). Pricing for new customers starts at $49.
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