Image Line FL Studio 10
Image Line FL Studio 10

FL Studio 10, General Sequencer from Image Line in the FL Studio 10 series.

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Lougarou 10/28/2011

Image Line FL Studio 10 : Lougarou's user review

" FL perfected ...."

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Instalation RAS, compatibility etc ... No problem, up grade also carefree ...

Manuel ... regularly practiced for some years now but for a novice, given the "wealth" in FL now, it may be time for the grip ... but it is feasible for all concerned! It like everyone to be there ..


HP DV6 laptop on dual core etc ... 4 GB of RAM so no PB.
FL works very well with plain VST / VSTi same time, he is very familiar with this system (it is also made for that ...).

Stable operation no worries!

Obviously, I do not use FL Studio but it's part of my set with Studio One DAW (Presonus) and Samplitude (MAGIX).


I know FL since version 6 or 8, I do not know ...
Raport money very good, the envirronement FL is great and allows to arrange / compose to mastering its tracks.

The pros:
- Customizable Browser to manage the files / external and internal data (patterns, plugs parameters ...)
- Full VST / VSTi base to produce music without additions and in a wide range of musical styles.
- Automations flexible and comprehensive enough (curve types, routing controller for flexible and configurable to a large extent.
- Integration with other DAW VSTi as VSTi and REWIRE
- Export MIDI simple, simple MIXDOWN also export multitrack simple.
- Routing the mixer easy: you can create fairly complex routings, busing, multi busing, etc. .... SEND
- Configuration of tracks parameters ...

The -:
- LESS is the big mix in my opinion: I prefer by far the mixer from Presonus Studio One of which allows to identify quickly (focus) to the selection of a track of the selected pattern, for example ...
- Always mixer: system snapshot would be nice because when you see a 20-30 track it becomes difficult to manage!

Otherwise FL works great as it remains one of my favorite DAW, fast, good workflow ...