Image Line FL Studio 10
Image Line FL Studio 10

FL Studio 10, General Sequencer from Image Line in the FL Studio 10 series.

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Wedges2 01/02/2012

Image Line FL Studio 10 : Wedges2's user review

« A little buggy, but good.  »

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Fl Studio is easy to set up. Pop in the disc, or download it from Image Lines website upon purchase, install it, and authorize it. The manual is very clear and sufficient. You can google anything relating to FL studio and the manual, with the right page open, will pop up in the results. It's very helpful. The general configuration is simple, if your use to DAWs. If it's your first one it's going to take some time to get acquainted, just like any other complex software such as Pro Tools or Reason. I will say that FL Studio, to me, is the easiest DAW to learn that is out right now.


FL STudio has some compatibility issues. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it acts weird and makes me go find audio files that were in the project last time I opened it but now FL Studio say it can't find them. That is a real pain. Some of little glitchy things happen as well, but I don't believe any DAW is completely glitch free. I've been using ten since it came out which I believe was about a year ago. I wish FL studio would just make it 64bit so I don't have to "bridge" my plugins. I don't like doing that because it seems to make things less stable.


I like how easy it is to make tracks. It is just a way quicker process in FL Studio than in any other DAW I've worked with, which is all of them. I also like how simple the mixer is. It's very easy to understand and get around. I'm not a fan of the way the "send" channels are set up, but I don't really use sends that often anyway. Image Line added some nice features in FL Studio 10 with auto-save and optional wide mixer tracks, which I'm sure a lot of people liked. FL Studio also comes with a lot of great effects and plugins already it it. Such as Fruity Reverb, and Slicex.

Overall it's my favorite DAW, it has it's problems though.