Magix Samplitude 6 Studio
Magix Samplitude 6 Studio

Samplitude 6 Studio, General Sequencer from Magix in the Samplitude series.

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Magix Samplitude 6 Studio : Anonymous 's user review


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Problem-free installation
no incompatibilitbr /> config without any concern
manual a little hard but ... Worth


HP 2.8
1 GB ram
audiophile 24/96


2 softs impressed me in audio / capacity has scalability = Samplitude Windows and Linux Ardour. I once accidentally opened two sessions at the same time Sam and I did not realize! Only in Linux that I had this big impression.
plugs of death Nothing we do with them all! (FFT, Delay, Reverb, etc ...


Object oriented Edition = the best of the best
VST DX is not a problem

against the party by MIDI is not enough dveloppe my taste. (But you can catch the thing with the 8 or Music studio deluxe)

I am now 200% MaGiXieN Tt Socit what this is remarkable!

Extra Soft absolutely the 8 pro is expensive, but just for the pleasure of the ears, eyes and neurones (magix used intelligence not to RFLEX consolidated THANK YOU for also) the test!

Its standard stability copy
A software exception.

There would be a passage Mac (the evolution of Windows will push me can be ... we'll see) that I would probably give the benefit of Samplitude Pro Logic or Digital Performer. If I keep a PC running Win, I keep Samplitude.

Sat I use two things:

1 record for large sessions, due to its remarkable capacity (CPU load SAm/MS2006 is visible for example).

Mastering for two sessions in MusicMaker2006 Get You Started, or MusicStudioDeluxe2006 VideoDeluxe2006 . To complete his part of a DVD from another RALIS soft magix (movie + images) via the "media link" or "media link"

I would do so in the choice of Sam hsitation not win, but probably SamPro7.
NB With version 6 we have the VST / VSTi FX but not. Moreover, not ASIO compatible. By working against even a PII 200! Win95 XP

in the end I take the words of "My name is Jean Louis" on SAM6 Producer: "The edition is a true object oriented Panard! On a same track, you can put 12 plugs on a section of its counterpart 10 seconds, then switch to any other 5 plugs for 1 minute. The power of the processor is only used while running plugs. We can go freely with the plugs without asking any question, and c It is really a + + + + "

Absolutely agree with this point of view very clear and prcis. I would add also that this concept also allows to manage Magix sound Manir very sharp, so to refine your exact without giving the impression that the abuse of a plug.