Magix Music Maker MX
Magix Music Maker MX

Music Maker MX, General Sequencer from Magix in the Music Maker series.

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philrud 03/09/2013

Magix Music Maker MX : philrud's user review

«  Practice, fairly well, little bugs »

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Yes: installation facile.Configuration = instinctive facile.Manuel quite comprehensive.
Problems 3/4 months after the installation: at the beginning we used the simplest bug.Puis = no, more confident we are, the more you navigate and click here and there and ... Patatrac: Software planted (violation of field .... X000). then we continue, we try and çi and it ... Re-Patatrac: there, it makes "tick-tick" when I'm away from red vu.Ca is on my pc windows 7 Portable "compaq".

While on my pc "tower" office "packard bell", I do not remember a single crash ...


Ram = 4GB, that the sound card = pc, dd = 500GB for my pc "turn." Less than that for my laptop.
See above "implementation" for stability problems.


4 months that I have. This is the first multitrack software that I have.

The "+": the delay effects, reverb, equalization (graphic, parametric), the mixing desk, the pan's. Presentation, ease of use, speed of access to menus, settings, export at the sauvegarde.Les factory presets that I use little else.

The "-": 2 manipulations that should not do that I discovered after 4 months of use., But when it comes out even if it was several files sauvegarde.Le worst "less" is the compressor = I hate even with a micro-compression is too dry, it crashes on the unit whatever 'is the same with those settings from the factory.

The + funny: when it "Bugge", a window opens and the manufacturer asks you briefly describe the manipe 'we faite.Il said: "This is to improve the software." This is us who work for free Magix: It's beautiful, is not it?
Apart from that, we must see that it costs 10 times less than software renowned ...
Another "+" you can "upgrade" this version with a better online, it will be my next step.

To be honest mix of 30, he had bugger 4 times: it is not the sea to drink if we take the above precautions to safeguard ...