Magix Sequoia 12
Magix Sequoia 12

Sequoia 12, General Sequencer from Magix in the Sequoia series.

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loudfunk 01/30/2012

Magix Sequoia 12 : loudfunk's user review

« Great Upgrade for a great DAW »

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Getting started is simple on Sequoia...but it is seriously deep. Doing just about everything except shining your shoes. From sequencer to recording, mixing, mastering, burning the final product all inside the same software.


Once you get into it and get all the buffer settings happening, this is the best sounding, fastest work flow, most stable DAW there is


What I love about it is that unlike everything else when you monitor in the box this sounds just better. A lot better. I have no idea what they do with their audio engine but it is extremely noticeable.
Lots of small and big things that make life easy. For example if you freeze a track you keep a root project that when you want to make changes you go back to that. And you can treat it as it own separate session.
The way it has a "revolver" function to comp alternate takes and reload them. The comping of tracks...record say 10 takes and you can open all of them in a separate project linked to the original project so you hear it against the tracks But only deal with what you need to comp.
Spectral editing where the wave form is visible not just in th time and dynamic domain but also frequency. Frequency editing ala reNOVAtor where you can move the squeak of a chair or audience noise out of a classical performance for example. And my favorite 4 point editing as wells source/destination editing. Where unlike slice and dragging or nudging just just define in and out points of audio on one track then select in and out points on another and you're just flying when it comes to editing

The build in effects are amazing. Delay compensation the software pings on the external hardware so everything is in sync. Just a really well thought out program.

Down side you kinda need a PH.D just to find the manual.Well not quite but it has a bit of a steep learning curve. But it is very much worth it.