Mutools MU.LAB 3
Mutools MU.LAB 3

MU.LAB 3, General Sequencer from Mutools.

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Mutools Updates MU.LAB 3

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MUTOOLS has released version 3.2.2 of MU.LAB.


  • Modular Editor: Grab existing connection and drag to another connector.
  • Modular Editor: Double-click connection = edit connection properties.
  • Modular Editor: Right-click connection = connection context menu.
  • Modular Editor: Hold [Ctrl] to draw new module or delete existing module/connection.
  • Audio Files now have a "Rename File" context function.
  • Audio Lab: Making/changing selections can now comfortably be done using two special locator handles.
  • Audio Lab: Crossfade Loop now features multiple crossfade shapes.


  • Audio Editor DSP functions are also shortcut-able now.
  • Beautified drawing of new connections/changing connections.
  • The Session Audio Output module now uses the same kind of editor as the Session Audio Input module for selecting the effective output pins.
  • When opening a session with broken audio file links, then when locating the audio file, the filename is in the browser's title bar as a reference.
  • Less RAM usage when using large audio files.
  • Faster generation of audio file overviews.
  • Modular Editor: Also module icon is shown.
  • Yes-No alert now also reacts on [Enter]+[Return]=Yes and [Esc]=No.
  • Cut/Copy Parts moved to part context menu.
  • Note Key Splitter: Outputs give a detailed tooltip.
  • Fine tuned behaviour for 'Rewind' while playing.
  • Modular Area renamed to Session Modular Area.
  • MU.LAB gives a proper alert on loading shortcuts to unknown functions (if any function name would have changed in a new app version).
  • Audio Lab: Normalize, Gain, Gain Fade and Mute are now undoable when applied to a sample.
  • Audio Lab: Fine tuned the Normalize and Gain dialogs.
  • Faster startup.
  • Composer: Fine tuned vertical overview.
  • When recording audio, the resulting audio part will by default be an auto-named part.
  • When renaming an audio file, also the .Ovw overview file is automatically renamed.


  • PitchBend events didn't get thru a Send module.
  • When deleting racks, after having reordered racks in the rack desk, the rack order could be distorted.
  • Issue in the auto-naming system.
  • Composer and Sequence Editor: Possible scroll problem just after the window was resized.
  • Sequence Editor: In certain circumstances, the editor view was changed when having edited another sequence.
  • When copying parts, the Part Property Panel was not properly updated to the new copied part.


  • A full reinstall is necessary. To keep your current settings, copy your MU.LAB 3.1.x User/Settings/*.* files to the new MU.LAB 3.2.x User/Settings/ sub-folder.
  • MuSession files created with MU.LAB 3.2 are not downward compatible i.e. you cannot load them into MU.LAB 3.1.x or lower.
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