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PreSonus Studio One 2.0.5

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PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
News PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional

PreSonus has updated Studio One to version 2.0.5.

This version adds enhancements and fixes, and is recommended for all users.


The 2.0.5 update has the following enhancements:

  • Ampire XT amp models were reworked for better sound.
  • Any command can now be assigned to any MIDI CC message.
  • Markers have a Stop flag that stops playback at the marker.
  • Manual now available in German, Japanese, Spanish, and French.
  • Exchange and Sound Set Builder now supported in Artist version.
  • Audio-file resampling during playback now uses the audio cache, reducing CPU usage in some cases.
  • Dithering is now applied to 24-bit audio files if the dithering option is on.
  • Tracks can be resized horizontally in the arrangement.
  • Added two new track heights: Overview and Minimal (these make tracks very slender so you can see more tracks at once).
  • Retains channel settings and automation when replacing an instrument in an Instrument track.
  • Performance meter adds RAM usage display (in 32-bit version).
  • Tape Style monitoring option (Options/Advanced/Devices) mutes playback on audio track.
  • Transform now always uses 32-bit floating-point math.
  • Now shows file size in Exchange-item previews.
  • Events with bend markers are bounced to a new file before editing in Melodyne.
  • You can right-click on an event to remove Melodyne.
  • If you close a song without saving, a list shows which files will be deleted.
  • Expand Folder command is now in contextual menu.
  • Tab to transients in Audio parts.
  • Next and Previous Track commands added to FaderPort (shift + left/right channel buttons).
  • Save FX on/off state in FX Chains.
  • Product keys from user account are listed in the Activation window.

The 2.0.5 update fixes the following issues:

  • Event FX delay compensation fixed.
  • Had multiple crossfades when comping within the same time range.
  • Take selection did not respect event resize.
  • Folders for Universal Audio UAD plug-in preset-sorting was incorrect.
  • Problems with missing file dialog.
  • Wrong event size in Audio parts after changing tempo.
  • Split Events moved new event to back.
  • Event FX freeze moved the event out of an Audio part.
  • Keyboard shortcut for “Remove Track and Instrument” didn’t work.
  • Audition of moved notes in Editor was not using note velocity.
  • Layer change while recording created doubled events.
  • Crashed using audio interfaces with only a mono input (e.g., Apogee One).
  • Event FX restore had wrong length.
  • FX channel was not mapped to bus when “Add Bus for selected channels” was used.
  • Stretch event state was not saved with Audio loop.
  • Problem with mute-automation writing on grouped tracks.
  • Controller recording with VST3 version of VSL plug-in could not be recorded on multiple channels.
  • Move to Cursor removed shared copy of Instrument part.
  • Bend marker did not hold position when it was moved toward its original position.
  • Invisible bend marker was used for Tab to Transients (not used now).
  • Old loop range was not restored after auditioning range on a layer.
  • SFZ files were copied to media folder (now are not copied).
  • IR Maker: Displayed wrong default IR Length.
  • Gate: Release time was not restored.
  • Impact: Sync mode and transpose issues.
  • There was no real-time Image Export in Project page.
  • Save was not enabled when volume was adjusted in Project page.
  • [Windows ] Sample-rate change was not working correctly for Focusrite Sapphire interfaces.
  • [Mac OS X] Dynamics-processing graph had the wrong popup-menu placement on a second monitor screen.
  • [Mac OS X] Some AU plug-in parameters could not be used with automation.
  • [Mac OS X] 64-bit VST plug-ins made with JUCE had gray GUI (e.g., Blue Cat Audio or Cytomic Glue).
  • [Mac OS X] When restoring Transform event to original, AU plug-in settings were not restored.
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