Reason Studios Record

Record, General Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Record series.

kqlqk 11/03/2009

Reason Studios Record : kqlqk's user review


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Installation is no problem.
The config is easy.
No problem at this point compatibility.
Uh .. the manual? wait ... I remember well .... But the little videos on their sites offer an easy ride.


ASUS P5K-E, Core 2 Quad 2.66gh, 4GB (well 3.kekchose on xp 32), vista 64 8gb, tascamfw 1884

the config is stable in xp 32. I tried both vista 64 and I had a crash, I did not look further. I'm not sure that it does not work.

It's actually heavier than Reason itself. But what else ....
The line plugs 6 are heavier, of course.

EDIT: Almost a few months of use I am impressed with the usability of this app. This is a treat, a real success. I put a. That's it.


A few months now.

I usually work on Cubase. But I always liked the ease of Reason.

I set up a small studio and was looking for a mobile software suitable for portable mobility and less powerful than my console fixed.

Record is not as clean and well led as cubase + + uad vst instruments, we must compare like with like. But it works well and quickly, by integrating the functionality of Reason without going through the rewire (which I have always discouraged). Without Reason I'm not sure it is very useful, but maybe. In any case the two together is a Swiss Army knife, meaning you can do everything, and it's easy (I speak of what is attributed to the left brain ...) and c ' is easy because we have everything at hand, even a rudimentary fashion. Propellerhead softwares, as well as banks emulations / simulations are easily musical. It is not the best, they are often the most effective ...

Personally, I prefer to test an idea <em>quickly</em> or to explore a style of music, or go fast or play, have fun (yes that I still often).

For I will polish on. However, it is quite possible to achieve a very acceptable result (I am wary of the term "pro") for members educated ear. And I guess it's a fantastic learning tool. Mumuse do with the cables behind is a delight ...

I do not see why a user of Reason happen this tool, and I see why a musicos (sic) could be seduced by the intuitive package that represents the duo props. But to make the sound engineer and mix or mastering a fortiori, it was said a hundred times, and it is obvious, it is not the appropriate yes!. But 20 years ago that would not have killed for a tool like this?