Reason Studios Record

Record, General Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Record series.

Jeffouille 02/19/2012

Reason Studios Record : Jeffouille's user review


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No worry to install it, I even got an update direct and free to the 1.5 (which saw the arrival of Neptune and management including a piece in "Blocks")
No conflict with my Line6 UX2, on the contrary, all my model packs are automatically added to the effects available in POD Record.
Assistance directly accessed through the software is in English but unfortunately the French textbook is available and the many video tutorials fairly simple to understand.


I have a small rise in config Pentium E2200 (dual core 2.2 GHz) and 4GB of Ram. No major concerns although I find that the gauge rises faster CPU than Cubase for instance.
It seems very stable against, no crash this time and all goes well in handling.


I won! I often "ogled" this software since its release (and even before, I could be "beta tester" for a few weeks before its release).
I did not have the means to acquire it, already having a poor Cubase Essential 4.
And then I was able to seize on sale for € 75 (woohoo!) and I did not hesitate.
And since then I have completely left Cubase ...
Warning, this is not a software "easy" at first, especially for users of traditional DAW. But very (VERY) fast we capture the logic and it is ultimately very easy to use and you get to work quickly with! Regulars of Reason, themselves, will not be too disoriented.
Of course, there are many things that will not include the inability to use the VST. But ergonomics is so great, the possibility to route all elements of the racks, to combine multiple effects as you want through the Combinator and especially and above all: the console!
This is the real stroke of the heart of this software for me. I do not know the other emulations of SSL slices but the fact is that I enjoy fiddling with that of Record. And gradually we realize that for this part there at least every other VST are relatively unnecessary.
Everything is here, the input gain (perfect for recording up a bit weak) to pan through the comp (very nice), the gate eq (hummm!) Inserts and departures ... short as in real. AND as a bonus: the master bus compressor that many know and covet.
Again I do not know other emulators (SSL Waves, Duende and other Native Instrument) but it is a feast for the eyes and especially ears!
Here there is no preset, no, nowhere, which can destabilize shocked to see that just Cubase, filled with sounds pre chewed. But it is also that force: up to listening and ear, more than manipulating gadgets and other visuals.
I still keep Cubase, particularly for use as a VST host (including my beloved EZDrummer) and placed in Record Rewire. But I begin to import all my songs and remixing in Record.
A must! In addition I now have the ability to upgrade to Reason 6 which now includes Record for 149 €. Geez, I have a couple of pennies for that.