Raw Material Tracktion
Raw Material Tracktion

Tracktion, General Sequencer from Raw Material.

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piaz 10/11/2003

Raw Material Tracktion : piaz's user review


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Dmo Version with audio examples ... 5 MB!
Scary and yet: The software installs without problem, it is almost full, but put a "hiss" to avoid rcurrent records. For DGIG, you pay online (80) and shoo it was a cl. Note that Tracktion uses cl PC on which it is installed, but it seems easier to ask a cl rab if we have 2 PC (no need to pay 2 times)

But strangely no incompatibility with my DMX 6Fire, I am not able latencies as low as Cubase (well, 192 hp. Instead of 128, I will not cry no more).

The manual is certainly clear, but I did not read, so the interface is intuitive (not to mention happily disable tooltips). In two hours, we know everything.


The audio engine is good, without being miraculous, but it offers about the results clean, and that's what counts.
The main intrt this app is its layout, ergonomics look back (no mixing desk, a single window, audio and midi ride on a same track (si!) ... ) And does it work? Ben. Yes!
Anyway, for me. It's beautiful, bright, spacious enough and smart at the CONTRL.
The lack of multi-monitor is feeling a little, but as can be dplacer the VST windows on other notches and lock, the problem is rsolu.

The VST seem to "suck" a little more about Tracktion as Cubase, but After all, we do with what we have, and freeze according trs intelligent help our poor computer has the burden of plug- ins.


This is my once a nice little product that Tracktion. I'll finish the tension all over this weekend, but I like it dj. It is a relief from gas plants which are the other programs, certainly more pro, but much more complicated and not much more complete as a function for, say, "moderate" Advances (groove templates etc. ..).
Finally, compare like with like all of the same, but I think that I'm going lcher for this little app (a license for a 80 squenceur audionumrique is no j a reason to buy it?) ds that some updates will l.

As in the Previous review, it is true that it lacks many things, but the software is update several times a month by its main coder (go and see the dates of the different versions, c ' is bluffing), Jules, who in addition is not without humor. if you go a little on the site http://www.kvr-vst.com, official forum, you meet, Do not hesitate and submit amliorations possible (but there are adj lot for which he is aware).

Here I would put nine well, because it is not just a software geek with an interface to hide his zarb Misra: it's new, clean, DIFFERENT, and good. But in addition it's cheap, so 10. Sonar 3 and less than or at least as well, it will be my next little squenceur. Pig ddit it.