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Sagan Technology Updates Metro

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Sagan Technology Metro
News Sagan Technology Metro

General Sequencer from Sagan Technology

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Sagan Technology has updated Metro to v6.4.9.2.


New to this version:

  • This is the first version that has been compiled cross platform from the same sources.
  • Import Lyrics file option allows the importation of lyrics as lyric markers. The lyrics are automatically aligned to notes on the current track. Lyric markers can also be re-aligned by right-clicking and dragging a lyric marker to the correct location. All other lyric markers on the track are then aligned to notes accordingly.
  • New option for selecting the marker type (Lyric, Marker or Copyright) in the marker edit dialog.
  • New option added to the Duration Dialog for scaling duration.
  • Chord quantize added to quantize dialog allows user to quantize chords without changing the relative positions of the notes inside the chords (Full version only).
  • Step duration and options (triplet, dot, etc.) now saved with Metro document.
  • Limited support for VST parameter display mapping since few to no plug-ins support it.
  • New dialog box (windows only) detailing timing info on why Metro stopped when 'strict plug-in profiling’ option is selected.
  • New plug-in option 'Resume Before Program Change’ required for some GSI plug-ins (like KeyPerformer) to behave.
  • Help tags (new for windows only).
  • New drums are automatically added when notes are entered and the track is in a drum display mode.
  • New option for automatically starting automation record when record is pressed, in the record setup dialog.
  • Missing plug-in are not removed upon instantiation of a new plug-in, so that one can use the change ports dialog to assign all of the other tracks in a multi-timbral setup.
  • New option for showing 'all file types’ in the open dialog. This makes it easier to open cross-platform documents that do not have the correct Mac file type or Windows file extension.
  • Mix file type and sample bits are now saved from the mix/render tracks dialog.
  • A couple of new items have been added to the track contextual menu.

Fixed in this version:

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.3 has been restored.
  • Vastly improved windows multi-processor support.
  • Vastly improved handling of what happens when a plug-in is pasted across documents.
  • Recalculates track positions correctly when the loop icon is toggled in real-time.
  • A crash could have occurred after real-time audio transpose.
  • A crash could occur depending on remote control display settings.
  • Improved handling of 32 bit little endian audio files.
  • In some cases Aux VU’s were not updating in the mixer window.
  • The factory metronome could get unexpectedly muted or could sound at the wrong time under certain circumstances.
  • Improved defaults in the Port change dialog.
  • Many improvements to non-ASIO windows audio, including external MIDI synchronization improvements.
  • Playback looping is consistent now when two or more tracks have the same length and one is looped and the other is not looped.
  • Switching between jukebox and transport playback improved.
  • Metro document was being marked changed in some cases when it was not.
  • Increased the space before the time in the list editor making event selection easier.
  • When an ASIO device was selected, Metro was producing an audio glitch on stop in some cases.
  • During the loading of a Metro document, if a missing plug-in was part of a plug-in chain it was possible that the existing track’s plug-in automation could be assigned incorrectly.
  • Master VU clip indicator did not light in certain cases when it should have.
  • Many other bug fixes and feature enhancements.
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