Steinberg Cubase Essential 5
Steinberg Cubase Essential 5

Cubase Essential 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase Essential series.

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cc.torres 07/10/2012

Steinberg Cubase Essential 5 : cc.torres's user review

«  computer music super cheap. »

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Install W7 on a PC and Mac Osx 10.6 without pb. The manual electro .... yeah!
Despite an update, the driver ASIO E-MU 04040 (I / O audio & MIDI ext.) Plant constantly on W7, No problem with the Mac driver.


PC: W7 - 500GB HD - 4GB RAM - Intel Core 2 Duo - 3.2GHz
Mac mini 120GB HD + 320GB Ext / Firewire - 1GB ram (ss pbs) - 2Ghz intel (runs 2 times better than the PC with 5-8 and 5-8 VSTi VST

97Khz external soundcard, ASIO latency almost 0-E-MU 0404 USB (included i / o noon) (impossible to use on PC)

Yamaha DX7 keyboard connected to Midi

Never had a crash on Mac


1 year and a half
- Cakewalk and Cubase Sonar6 used before
- The MOST: The rich functionality and plugs (VSTI HALionOne + Synth)
- The LESS: The rich functionality and plugs
- Q / P excellent (qq with fewer elements (not necessary) Elements 6 to 99 € a lot too).
- At my level really excellent choice (piano, midi, guitar, backtracks, and partition MIX Cam YT)