Steinberg Cubase VST 5
Steinberg Cubase VST 5
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ehma 07/09/2003

Steinberg Cubase VST 5 : ehma's user review


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Easy installation, all is well Droulez Cubase custom settings changes you. Few things are requests, except the n SERIES and the destination directory (and if you want to install Mp3 Encoder).

The manual is in English, quite large, a little obvious for beginners French.


My computer is trs viel AMD K6 II 400Mhz 256 MB of memory, the card is the beautiful Tascam US-428.
Surprise, it works better than Cubasis Vst US-428 (which often lost sync) here even though the app is heavier, the slightest problem.
Only enui is that falait disable Telc.Activ. (I am a pianist and often plays note C6).
I expected a disaster, because with the version Allgemeine, has had trouble. But it's magic, the soft heavier works better than the allg.
Stability issue all goes well, Windows 98 is happy.


I use deuis few weeks and I did not like Cubase (Logic of j'tais before, but you know some history) but it was the only soft Fully grate the Tascam. I changed my mind, if the version 3.XX were bof (mixing twelve o'clock doubtful unstable ...) Cubase VST 5 is gnial (I think better than SX and XL, they do not give access s to MIDI tracks from the Tascam).
I think the gulf between a crazy Cubasis and Cubase first.
I tried to beginners Cubase VST 3.? with a friend, I did not, I found a very heavy and unstable, after I gained 7 CakeWalk, I found a well before discovering Logic Audio (for me the best, but not for PC ) and I am back but this time on Cubase enchant.
The report quality price (same for 500 Vst) is very good for me because trs function are evolved. I would not say more evil of Cubase, I promise!

So much for those who knew Cubase 3.xx and have the does, try it over the same 5 and SX is really screwed up (but not Windows 2000/XP and control tracks twelve o'clock from the US-428).

I know this app is Vieu, but I bought used (it is easy to + / - 100 for the VST version) and it is worth.

In résumé.

I wanted to buy but the steering SL MIDI tracks n'tait implementations and not when I tried Cubase 5 I thought "This is a thing", so I looked on occasions.

So if you have an old machine or a Tascam US-428, you see in your journal "For Sale Cubase 5" go to my guy.

PS The dongle is parallel range of port, a port that has tendency disappear.