Steinberg Cubasis VST 4
Steinberg Cubasis VST 4

Cubasis VST 4, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubasis series.

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ehma 06/02/2003

Steinberg Cubasis VST 4 : ehma's user review


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I essayb]
I tried Cubasis VST 4.0, and much aa changed since the version 3.x.
Dja, 48 audio tracks available (it was good).
Installing large (as Wavelab, master unit and many other things) but it is 110 gt.
For the configuration, it is (open all) but the manual pdf made me laugh (and sometimes absurd comic translation).


I like a machine K6II AMD 400, 128MB and will (except virtual intruments, it is not either DCON is that 128 MB
Little trouble with Cubase VST US_428 but it is known (see tascam forum).
Performance is quite good, despite my scooter (so great on new machines).


Then for a time he thought users to non-GM modules, XG, GS. We fi nally the choice to select the bank (if 0 or Ctrl Ctrl32 kes or 2).
The piano roll can finally edit all controllers (it was time), if the Tascam US-428 was considered Fully 10 j'aurrai MMIS but good.
A tip if you have a good map is a module XG, GS, and Sound are then go ahead because you will have almost total control)
For once Steinberg ahead of its competitors (on since Emagic PC is Mac only). So with Wave Lab Lite 2 (vst please) bonus is not hsiter.
If I had no US-428 I should comtent as a, but I'm going to evolve.
If not I really t tonn from Steinberg.