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Thread Starting my own studio

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1 Starting my own studio
Hello My name is Kurt Miller I am interested in starting my own studio I do have a computer AMD Atholon 64 +3500 1 GB Memory 200 GB Hard Drive I am inspired mainly by Michael Jackson Rick James Elvis Presley and Elton John, if you are a hater about who my inspirations are I don't need your help, but if you respect music help is appreciated.
Congrats on the inspiration. I, too, like Michael Jackson. I think anyone who loves music will respect your goals and inspirations. Those who are "hater"s are not about music. As far as your inquiry, what are you looking for here? Info on how to record, what to record..etc? What exactly is your goal in mind?

Beyond the music that you enjoy, what are you hoping to accomplish with your studio? There's going to be software you need, space, and a great way of producing and publishing CDs... but beyond that there are going to be a lot of specifics based on your goals