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Thread How do I use delay for vocal effects?

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1 How do I use delay for vocal effects?

This is my first serious question on these boards so I hope there are plenty of people out there that can help with what is probably very simple.
I have been working with DAW's for a few years now, and although I understand most plugin's, there are a few techniques that still elude me.

How do you use a delay on a vocal track, and only have it work now and then like at the end of a phrase? I believe it must have something to do with automation, but all my efforts end up sounding like crap. How do I get the delay to just work on the last word of a phrase and things like that?

I am using Sonar 7, so if anyone else out there could give me a rundown using one of the standard delays in Sonar, that would be awesome. I know I am missing great opportunities with my own songs because I have failed to master this very common trick.

I would appreciate all help available.