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Thread A beginners guide to home recording

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Topic A beginners guide to home recording
Hello, as you might tell, I'm new. So i'll take the oppotunity to introduce myself and ask for the advice I'm after.

I'm been dreaming, for some time, about record my very own album. I've recently decided to hang up the thinking cap and start the doing.

It's hard to catagorize my musical tastes, the only one that comes close would be Alteritive Rock. I love the music from Tom Delonges very own band Angels & Airwaves. Such other bands like Taking Back Sunday and The All-American Rejects. These bands have a great influence in the way I write songs, which is what I want this record to form into.

I'm looking for a nice and simple beginners home recording studio. I need to know the software, mixers, mic, amps, accessories, etc, which will all happen with use a PC. I will be recording with the beautiful sound of a Semi-Acoustic eletric guitar and Gibson's very own ES335. I would also like to add pure acoustic to acompany one another. For bass, I have a Epiphone Thunderbird which has all I want from a great sounding bass.

For vocals, I will be using my own. My partner enjoys the sound of my voice when singing, but I don't like its all that strong enough for high stardard recording. So the question is, would reverb be the honest way to go? Or is there any or way that can boost up my vocals?

Your help would be very appreciated. Any other way to go, or anything else I need to know, is welcomed.