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Thread Looking for advice on home studio

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1 Looking for advice on home studio
HI, im new to the forum. I've recently got back into music after a layoff, i'm mainly a guitarist.
I want to start recording some ideas and putting things together.
I need help on putting together a basic home studio, it doesn't need to be high end.
I've got a new laptop with a good amount of memory/ram etc.
I'm thinking I need a good recording program, a keyboard, and something to make beats with, and of course a mic and other cables.
What program would you all reccomend?
And in terms of a keyboard, im thinking a small scale portable one, that can use the computer to produce different sounds, as it will only be used for recording and that will save me money. I think they are called MIDI keyboards.
If anyone can give me some input, its much appreciated.
um hi I would suggest adobe audition for your software, I really havn't tryed any thing but I am sure its better stuff out