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Thread Just bought a midi keyboard, now looking for a good program.

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Topic Just bought a midi keyboard, now looking for a good program.
Hey there, this is my first post here, but this is already looking like a forum i will frequent.
I just got my used E-MU Xboard 49 key i ordered off of Ebay. for a while now i've wanted to learn how to use midi, and just convinced myself to jump into the deep end a week or so ago when i ordered it. my Xboard came in last night, and now im just looking for a good program to use with it.

I plan on running it through my laptop (1gb ram, + Echo Indigo IO laptop sound card and ASIO4All drivers installed) with USB. i downloaded a few small programs to use to make sure it works, and it does, but now I'm looking for a good program.
I am looking for a program that will output the synthesized sound live, hopefully with almost no latency I'im new to playing even piano, but have a year or so of guitar under my belt). for now I'm not worrying so much about variety of effects and presets, what i mostly want now is a nice, live, acoustic piano sound while i learn to play.

so if anyone has a suggestion for a good program for me to go ahead and get, please do, suggest.
fruityloops has midi capability. not bad program either. if your looking for live proformance stuff, i would recommend ableton live. the sky is the limit. have fun.
thanks, i downloaded ableton to sample it, and it seems good for me, for the most part. just a few issues:
1. is there no standard piano preset i can get? i mean the wierd stuff is cool, but im still just trying to learn to play.
and, 2. it seems (for the 8 or so presets that i tried at least) that i can only input a few keys at a time. i can't play a chord and treblecleffs above it, without the chords stopping and the melodic notes being the only things played. is this a setup error, or a preset/program thing, or is this my E-Mu Xboard. (i really hope its not the latter)
does anyone know of any good acoustic piano sounding plugins/vst's i can get (ideally free), and a breif explanation on just how it is i go ahead installing it into a program like ableton or cubase?