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Thread new to home recording but eager to learn!

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1 new to home recording but eager to learn!

i'm new to this forum because, although me and my band have been playing for quite a while, we're all relatively new to recording half decent demos! So i've researched the topic a fair amount and have a fair idea of what i think would be worth getting, but i am here to ask for your advice on a couple of queries as well as any suggestions. We have a PowerBook G4 (for those who don't know - two USB ports and one FireWire port) and i'm thinking of getting some software for it. I like the look of both Logic Express (a program that i have used in school before and am a fan of) as well as Pro Tools M-Powered. Would there be any point in getting both? And, if not, which program would you suggest is most apt for recording a full band? As for an audio interface I think the M-Audio FireWire 1814 seems good, but I was wondering if this interface plus some decent aforementioned computer programs would be enough to record a band with a 7-piece drum mic set, a bass, and two guitars, and then be able to tweak each track seperately later once recorded (e.g. increase the amount of snare in the mix or add reverb or something)? Finally, i'll assume i will need a decent sound card? If you could help with this it would be much appreciated. I am relatively inexperienced in home recording but am quite knowledgable about techy stuff in general. My budget is fairly large and i am open to suggestions. Ideally i'm aiming for near studio quality recordings. Thanks in advance for your help! :P